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Welcome to the English Version of Moegirlpedia.

The site of Moegirlpedia is an online encyclopedia that collects and presents all the data and information of "MOE" girls for everyone.

We also have Chinese version and Japanese version.

Welcome, please feel moe and free when you edit and create articles!

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There are 1,248 articles, 393 pictures and 35 active editors.

Wario, Our Home’s Rabbit, Jian, Kim Jun Ok, Reach (planet), Dao, Katana, Mouse, Virtual world, Elemental, Nekomata, Fairy, Goblin, Wizard, Samurai, Bare midriff, May Fourth uniform, Inner color, Cheerleader uniform, Virtual being

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Si Xi Wan Zi, Opti-Morphs, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Spyro the Dragon, Kamek

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