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Artist: kami喜欢卡米亚
Basic Information
Name Merry (咩栗Miē Lì)
Eye Color White
Hair Color Blue
BWH Rich busts, plump waist, small hip (as told by her)
Age Newborn
Birthday February 22
Zodiac Sign 2
Moe Points sheep, loli, hinnyu, seiso, white kneesocks, electricity manipulation
Platform Bilibili Logo Blue.svg
Status Active as a VTuber!
Fandom Name Little Flowers (小-{綿}-花)
Bleats (搞咩嘢) (formerly)
Emoji ⚡⚡⚡
Fanart Tag #羊皮书#
Related people
Mama (illustrator): Bison
Papa (modeler): -MIGGY-
Partner and best friend: Umy

Merry is a Chinese VTuber active on bilibili, who debuted on September 12, 2020. She is part of the unit MeUmy.


Hello everyone! I'm an electric shock sheep...

A little sheep with electric shock, so she's bleating! From the prairie with vast land, abundant resources, and rich vegetation...
Because she is just a sheep, her favorite food is grass! And she decided to debut as a VTuber.
The languages she is good at are Japanese, English, and of course, Goat!
Emmmm... she wants to say that her reason for coming to Bilibili is to be famous!
So, as a fan, can you accompany this cute sheep in following her dreams?

Wide ModeShow

Merry's first design
  • With long white hair, a detachable lamb hairpin and two cute bows on her head~
  • Under the two horns are moving ears (U disk)! Don't ask why the ewes have horns on their heads, they just put them on! Dress up anywhere! (According to the existing information, it is inferred that the right corner is Sister Snail, who is mainly responsible for hosting the monthly good night radio; the left corner is a power bank in the same shape as Sister Snail, which is used for emergency , such as being too lazy to take two steps to charge)
  • Because it is an electric sheep, the two small lightnings behind it can discharge to the dds! Of course, you can also send out an electromagnetic burst to levitate yourself in the air. (So ​​don't ask why Merry seems to be standing on her tiptoes, it's because this lamb can fly! Yes, she can fly! It's not because of being short)
  • There is a small bell hanging around her neck. Although I have not explained it too much, it seems to imply that this lamb actually has a master.
  • A white dress dotted with a few clover, which is said to be a small green grass specializing in the Lamb Prairie~. And because of the obvious external features, there was a fan knowingly asking who asked "Is this a breast, I thought it was a beautiful curtain", and this sparked a new wave of persecution. In fact, there are breasts, it's just... it's just they're concave.
  • As for the lower body, a pair of slender and long white and tender legs, and white kneesocks that people love to see, and a pair of shoes with light blue flowers.


Major events


sep12Merry debuted.
sep15She gained 200 fans
sep21The number of fans increased to 2,000
sep26Introduction video published


feb22Birthday livestream made
feb23Fans increased to 50,000
jul29Debuted on Bilibili MACRO LINK -VISUAL RELEASE- with Umy.[1]
jul313D model released
sep12First anniversary live, new outfit released
nov27Fans increased to 70,000


feb18Released her original song, Hathor as the unit MeUmy
feb22Second birthday livestream, new outfit released


Relationship with Umy

The two are currently living together. They have a very good relationship. Merry and Umy sometimes visit each other's live broadcast rooms and often do videos together.[citation needed].

Umy's sleeping position

According to Merry, Umy's sleeping position is different. She kicks Merry out of the bed by accident, so Merry has learned to be smart recently, sleeping on a side of the bed next to the wall.[citation needed]

Goat epilepsy
According to Merry herself, when she presses a button in the livestream software, her body will twitch as if she had an electric shock.


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