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Mine Threebody Animation
Original Name 我的三体
Translation Name Mine Threebody Animation[1]
Three Body in MC[2]
Region China
Original run Season 1: February 27, 2014
Season 2: June 9, 2016
Season 3: January 21, 2020
Episodes 11+11+9
Studio Mine Threebody Animation Production Team
Directed by Shenyou Bafang
State Season 3 Finished
Linked works ‘’The Three-Body Problem’’

Mine Threebody Animation is a fan-made Minecraft web series with a script adapted from Liu Cixin's science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem.


Mine Threebody Animation is a fan-made animation based on the Minecraft game platform, adapted from the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem written by Liu Cixin.

The production team aims to use the cube game Minecraft as an engine to adapt the story of The Three-Body Problem into an animation, and retain the complete original plot.

Production process

The production first began in 2014 with bilibili's Uploader: Shenyou Bafang attempt to retell the full The Three-Body Problem story using Minecraft[3]'s video upload, initially without a real production team, and recorded entirely using the MC platform supplemented by post-processing, thus The production is extremely rough collapsed, and the author himself claims that the sense of dissonance is extremely strong dark history[4] Starting from the fourth episode, the production team was formally established and began to clearly divide the work, with Shenyou Bafang acting as the main promoter and filming editor. Due to the limitations of the MC game itself, the production team partially added animation production from episode 8, and by episode 9 completely abandoned the MC platform and switched to faux MC style animation production[5], while the series began producing bilingual subtitles. The refinement of the work's later animation also led to a significant increase in the production cycle per episode, which was once even considered to be only a lifetime [6].

Author's Thoughts on Season 1: Highly recommended to watch from the last episode forward, the early part is all dark history.

The first episode of the second season of the animation began to update in June 2016, and the second episode was updated in October, then in order to consider the production cycle and update to weekly serialization, the animation entered a long hiatus, the third episode after skipping finally on bilibili and acfun on January 5, 2018. the second season is titled Mine Threebody Animation: The Legend of Luo Ji, the plot for the original novel The Three-Body Problem II - Dark Forest in Luo Ji line of content, the animation content than the original has some additions and deletions to modify. According to Shenyou, the second season production costs up to seven figures.

The third season of Mine Threebody Animation: The Legend of Zhang Beihai aired on January 21, 2020, and features the original novel The Three-Body Problem II - Dark Forest of the Zhang Beihai line.

Shenyou Bafang applied for the copyright from Liu Cixin during the production of the first season of this work, but the response was that the copyright of The Three-Body Problem had been sold in its entirety. It was not until the third episode of the second season that the Mine Threebody Animation production team obtained the license for the adaptation from the current copyright holder (Yoozoo Games) and received full support.

On September 22, 2021, Shenyou Bafang announced on social networks that he has left The Three-Body Universe. He will set up a new animation team in Baoshan, Shanghai, to continue creating science fiction animation and recruiting people in the dynamic. He said that the fourth season of Mine Threebody Animation is "under friendly negotiation with the copyright holder", and it is suspected that the conflict with the copyright holder broke out and he left.

Animation Production


  • General Director: Shenyou Bafang
  • Original Author: Liu Cixin
  • Executive Producer: Shiliang Zhongzidan
  • Production & Outreach: Liudao Caihong
  • Shooting: Shenyou Bafang
  • Publishing: Qing Qing
  • Promotion: MANGO
  • Sound & Direction: Lao Li (Moonrise), Happy Family Bucket (Moonrise), Sen Zhongren (Moonrise※ Season 2)

※Since the production team was only officially established since the fourth episode, the members of the production team changed frequently, so only some of the episodes are listed.



No. Chinese Title English Title Script Storyboard Modeling/Architecture Director Chief Director Upload Time
Season 1
#01 疯狂年代 The Madness Years Shenyou Bafang —— Shenyou Bafang Shenyou Bafang 2014-02-27
#02 命运的转折 Turn of Destiny Yesma_TNT
Zhiloang Zhongzidan
Shenyou Bafang
#03 不要回答! Do Not Answer! 2014-03-17
#04 科学边界 The Frontiers of Science SC,An Ruo HIRO,Zhi Yan,A Lan Xiyue(Mingong Xiyue), Zhiliang Zhongzidan
Changmen(Changmen Zhenzhi), KZdavid, Shenyou Bafang
An Ruo 2014-04-05
#05 恒纪元与乱纪元 Stable Eras and Chaotic Eras SC A Lan Xiyue, Changmen
KZdavid, Shenyou Bafang
#06 太阳的规律 Law of the Sun Pingchang Jun, A Lan Xiyue, Zhiliang Zhongzidan
Changmen, KZdavid, Shenyou Bafang
Shenyou Bafang
An Ruo (AD)
#07 三体问题 Three-Body Problem 青青, 虚渊暄 Pingchang Jun (Bo Siwen) Yifang Tongxing, |.Chunshu Qiaohe
Xiyue, Changmen, Hong Shu, KZdavid
Shenyou Bafang 2014-08-21
#08 人列计算机 Trisolaran-Formation Computer SC, Lu Mo” Changmen, Xiyue, IsJ, KZdavid 2014-10-01
#09 舰队!起航! Fleet! Set sail! S.C., ~Fate~ Metaphysical Singer Changmen, Qingfengpiao's Song
Xiyue, IsJ, KZdavid
#10 审判日 Judgement Day Fate, Longxing Huaxia Max_kim, Xiyue
Qingfengpiao's Song, Zhao_Misaka, Kai
#11 人类的落日 Sunset for Humanity Fate, Losia Xue Yin Bo Siwen, Guoke Junshi icrdr, Xiangsu Moli, Ganmu Yunmo
D_ZT, Mashalie Pijiu, W.Yong
Xu Yuanxuan, Xavierseal Wu Jiecao, Shenyou Bafang
Season 2 - The Legend of Luo Ji
#1 N/A [7] Fate, losia, Science Consul Bo Siwen, Hei Dou, Wei Wei, Da Mingming Max_kim, NLT Group (Architecture)
Marco Cheng, Yuan Zhoulyu, Chelly_egoist
Simo, Xiangsu Moli, Shou Shou, Xu Yuanxuan
Xavierseal Wu Jiecao, Shenyou Bafang, Fei Niao (Modeling)
Shenyou Bafang N/A donkey's years
#2 N/A Bo Siwen, Hei Dou, Wei Wei Qiutian de Baihualin, KLP, NLT Group, 【SC】yyyy
Shenyou Bafang, Xing Xing★star, Xin Yi, Hu Shi
Yuan Zhoulyu, Xiangsu Moli, Diqiu Chongzi
Shuo Ziji Shi Si Qi de Kending Bushi Si Qi, Xu Yuanxuan
#3 N/A Fate, Liao Qi, Shenyou Bafang Li Ran James Harkonnen, Long Ying, Er Wuliu 2018-01-05
#4 N/A Xu Lei Max_Kim, Long Ying, Er Wuliu 2018-01-12
#5 N/A 2018-01-19
#6 N/A Leon 2018-01-26
#7 N/A Ju Yuanhao 2018-02-02
#8 N/A - 2018-02-09
#9 N/A Leon Long Ying, Er Wuliu
Chongshi Gongfang, TonyTian2001
#10 N/A Xu Lei Long Ying, Er Wuliu 2018-03-02
#11 N/A Max_Kim, Long Ying, Er Wuliu 2018-03-09
Season 3 - The Legend of Zhang Beihai
#1 N/A Dr.Baa, Shenyou Bafang(Chief Script)
losia, Bing Hun(Script)
Xu Lei, Ju Yuanhao, Kong Qing Shijuan Ye, Long Ying, Gong Wei, Wu Shengquan,
Shen Hai, Busi Niao, Jiang Zhendong, Faner Xiaoshui,
dott, Ba Shiliu, Ma Kesi, tachikoma,
Xing Ye, Zhi Luo
Shenyou Bafang N/A 2020-01-21
#2 N/A
#3 N/A 2020-01-28
#4 N/A 2020-02-04
#5 N/A 2020-02-11
#6 N/A 2020-02-18
#7 N/A 2020-03-25
#8 N/A 2020-03-03
#9 N/A 2020-03-10

Related Songs


Zhang Beihai’s character song
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Cheng Xin/Ai AA’s character song
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Luo Ji’s character song
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Trisolaran civilization’s character song
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Zhuang Yan’s character song
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Yun Tianming’s character song
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Singer’s character song
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Ding Yi’s character song
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Season2 - The Legend of Luo Ji

OP "Hunter's Showdown"

  • Composition and arrangement: Ding Qian
  • Guitar Solo: Brother Xibao
  • Mixing: lbg

ED "The Dark Forest"
(Original song: Schwarzer Regen)


  • Composition/Arrangement: Shao An
  • Mixing: Vee Her Life
  • Producer: Wang Chupei, Zhang Pengqing
  • Production Team: eigenTunes also listen

OP "Hunter's Showdown"

  • Composition and arrangement: Ding Qian
  • Guitar Solo: Brother Xibao
  • Mixing:lbg

ED "Night Voyager"

Wide ModeShow


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