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The full name of Moegirlpedia Girl is the Kanban Girl of Moegirlpedia. (Chinese:萌百娘Méngbǎiniáng) She is the anthropomorphism of Moegirlpedia.

Current jobs

  • Send welcome message to new user. In fact by sysops and patrollers in the name of her.←that's on Chinese Moegirlpedia; on the English version, some users (such as Honoka55 etc.) are doing that job.
  • Act moe. ←that's on Chinese Moegirlpedia; on the English version, you can only see her on the top left (logo).

Character settings

After the site-girl investment activity, on 1st September 2013 the work illustrated by Ligonglang was chosen.

  • Birthday:11th, October (the International Loli's Day, and the day when (Chs. version) Moegirlpedia was set up).
  • Hair color:aqua hair
  • Her bust ∝ articles in Moegirlpedia.

Her voice :

萌娘百科,万物皆可萌 (means Moegirlpedia, everything can be moe!)


She looks like a gentlewoman, but she is crazy on ACGN. She guards this huge moe girl records library created by everyone. She also teaches new editor how to edit Moegirlpedia.
She's tennen-boke, sometimes she makes mistakes ,so Moegirlpedia needs edited, updated and completed all the time.

Profession · Job