Ogrest's Chaos

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Ogrest's Chaos was a catastrophic event that happened in the World of Twelve, the world where Dofus and Wakfu are set in.


The Feca alchemist Otomai had accidentally created Ogrest using an Ogrine. The ogre had an unimaginable power; he had an immense stomach, and his tears by themselves could cause floods. One day, Ogrest fell in love with Dathura, one of the dolls created by the god Sadida. But her heart, also made of Ogrine, had been destroyed. This made Ogrest sad, and he cried. However, his tears miraculously brought Dathura to life. Dathura wanted to become human; Ogrest made it his mission to make her wish come true. In his quest, he became blinded by love, and even went as far as to collect the six Primordial Dofus, which had a great power. However, just as Ogrest was gaining this power, the Twelve were very worried about this...

In Mount Zinit, the tallest point of the World of Twelve, Ogrest accidentally scared Dathura, who then fell into the abyss. This depressed Ogrest, so much that in his grief, he started crying. In doing so, his tears made the seas grow and destroy everything in their path. The four nations (Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar) became flooded, becoming islands, much of the terrain was destroyed, and many lives were lost.

It continued like this for many years, until thanks to a certain Iop and Eliatrope, the chaos was stopped.[note 1]


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