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Volume I of the booklet
Base Info
Original Name 総理倶楽部
Translation Name Prime Minister Club
Original Work Format Comic
Original Work Writer Hidekaz HimaruyaKenichi Sakura
Adapted Format Radio Drama CD
Region Japan
Linked Works Hetalia: Axis Powers

Prime Minister Club (Also Sou Ri Ku Ra Bu;Japanese:総理倶楽部) is a comic created by Japanese cartoonist Hidekaz Himaruya and Kenichi Sakura from January 2021. It's also made into radio drama CD.

Story content

Somewhere in the national assembly hall, a secret club is quietly carrying out activities--…!

High school students who are very ordinary in all aspects, Hinata Daigo, were suddenly invited to the national assembly hall one day.

On the other side of the secret gate are seven young people, who were prime ministers in the Meiji era.

The prime minister's comedy, which spans time and space and learns from the "prime minister", is about to open!!
— Cartoon prologue

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