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|original run    = December 19, 2015-present
|original run    = December 19, 2015-present
|episodes        = 38
|episodes        = 38
|studio          = Loco<br>KBS N<ref>[https://ent.sbs.co.kr/news/article.do?article_id=E10004426255 SBS: KBS N, 2013 서울 캐릭터라이선싱 페어 참가
|studio          = Loco<br>KBS N<ref>[https://ent.sbs.co.kr/news/article.do?article_id=E10004426255 SBS: KBS N, 2013 서울 캐릭터라이선싱 페어 참가 (KBS N Participated in the Seoul 2013 Character Licensing Fair]</ref>
https://ent.sbs.co.kr/news/article.do?article_id=E10004426255 (KBS N Participated in the Seoul 2013 Character Licensing Fair]</ref>
|director        = Kim Soo-ryun, Kang Na-ru
|director        = Kim Soo-ryun, Kang Na-ru
|writer          = Kim Soo-ryun
|writer          = Kim Soo-ryun

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'''''Princess Pring'''''
Princess Pring.jpg
Original Name 생일왕국의 프린세스 프링 (Saengil wangguk-ui peurinseseu peuring)
Translation Name Princess Pring of the Birthday Kingdom
Celebrina in Birthday Wishland[1]
Region South Korea
Classification All ages
Original run December 19, 2015-present
Episodes 38
Studio Loco
KBS N[2]
Directed by Kim Soo-ryun, Kang Na-ru
Written by Kim Soo-ryun
Music by ButterFly
Voiced by Kim Hyun-mi
Yeo Min-jeong
Chae Min-ji
Song Joon-seok
Kang Su-jin
Um Sang-hyun
Licensed by Empire Multimedia
Lacey Entertainment[1]
State Hiatus

Princess Pring is a South Korean animated series created by the studio Loco.


The Birthday Kingdom is a special place where children are invited to during their birthday to celebrate, greeted by the kingdom's Crown Princess, Princess Pring. She herself listens to the children's wishes with her big ears and usually helps them in the most fun ways possible, whenever they feel sad or lonely. But she is not alone in the Birthday Kingdom, as such she was assisted by her friends to help the children to support their dreams and their future. Pring makes sure that everything is "Everyday Birthday!".


Birthday Kingdom

Princess Pring
The ruler of the Birthday Kingdom, a white rabbit girl. Her residence is the Cake Castle. Her weapon is the Pring Rose, a magical scepter.
A small bluebird who is Pring's royal pet and companion.
A fox who owns a bakery.
Ping and Pong
Ping (pink, female) and Pong (brown, male) are two twin cats who are originally from the real world. After receiving an invitation, they were sent to the Birthday Kingdom by the Bunny Bus, where they met Pring.
A fennec fox who is a pilot.
Jelly Kong
A male blue elephant who wears a sailor suit. He is the gardener of the Birthday Kingdom's Cake Castle.
A sheep who is a designer.
A deer who is a musician. His costume resembles that of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.
Prince Louis
A mysterious brown rabbit who protects the clocks of the Birthday Kingdom's secret garden. He controls time, and carries a magical umbrella that doubles as a shield. He and Pring met in childhood. Luke isn't fond of him.

Real World

A lion who is Ping and Pong's friend, also from the real world. He wears a red-and-blue soccer uniform similar to that of FC Barcelona, with a lion emblem.
A flamingo who loves art and the color pink.
A sloth.

Halloween Kingdom

King Jack
A gray cat and the ruler of the Halloween Kingdom. He wants Pring's Pring Rose, which he calls the Golden Key. He sends his minions, Sherbet and Mephisto to steal the Pring Rose from Pring.
A rabbit witch.
A clown monkey.
A llama
A dragon who is King Jack's cook.

Production staff


  • Original idea: Kim Soo-ryun
  • General Manager: Kim Soo-ryun
  • Screenplay: Yang Hyun-jin, Bang Ga-eun
  • Music: Hwang Seong-je, ButterFly
  • Production company: Loco Entertainment

Voice cast

  • Princess Pring: Kim Hyun-ji
  • Pinopino: Kim Hyun-ji
  • Clara: Yeo Min-jeong
  • Jelly Kong: Ryu Jeom-hee
  • Ping: Yeo Min-jeong
  • Pong: Chae Min-ji
  • Luke: Kang Su-jin
  • Lulubelle: Chae Min-ji
  • Orpheus: Song Joon-seok
  • Prince Louis: Kim Yeong-seon
  • King Jack: Jeong Jae-heon
  • Sherbet: Lee Ji-hyeon
  • Mephisto: Um Sang-hyun
  • Rorobell: Kim Myung-jun
  • Lupalapa: Song Joon-seok
  • Leo: Ryu Jeom-hee
  • Pinko: Kang Su-jin
  • Owl: Yeo Min-jeong
  • Toru: Chae Min-ji
  • Mr. Ben: Kim Yeong-seon
  • Pero: Um Sang-hyun


No. # Title Airdate Aired on
1 1 "프린세스 프링의 초대"
"Princess Pring's Invitation"
December 19, 2015 KBS1
2 2 "에메랄드 호수의 비밀"
"The Secret of Emerald Lake"
December 26, 2015 KBS1
3 3 "용감한 기사"
"The Brave Knight"
January 9, 2016 KBS1
4 4 "야옹이 밴드"
"Meow Band"
January 16, 2016 KBS1
5 5 "핑크 몬스터"
"Pink Monster"
January 23, 2016 KBS1
6 6 "최고의 케이크"
"The Best Cake"
January 30, 2016 KBS1
7 7 "나 대신 해 줘"
"Do It For Me"
February 13, 2016 KBS1
7 7 "하늘을 나는 침대"
"The Flying Bed"
February 27, 2016 KBS1
9 9 "뒤바뀐 생일"
"Reversed Birthday"
March 5, 2016 KBS1
10 10 "천천히 빨리"
"Slow, Fast"
March 19, 2016 KBS1
11 11 "모두가 주인공"
"Everyone Is a Hero"
March 26, 2016 KBS1
12 12 "위대한 정원사"
"The Great Gardener"
April 2, 2016 KBS1
13 13 "행운의 파랑새"
"The Bluebird of Luck"
April 9, 2016 KBS1
14 14 "안녕? 미스터 벤"
"Hello? Mister Ben"
April 16, 2016 KBS1
15 15 "루루벨의 패션쇼"
"Lulubelle's Fashion Show"
April 23, 2016 KBS1
16 16 "출동! 오르페우스"
"Advance! Orpheus"
April 30, 2016 KBS1
17 17 "장미를 부탁해"
"The Rose Asks"
May 7, 2016 KBS1
18 18 "빨간 망토 프링"
"Red Riding Pring"
May 14, 2016 KBS1
19 19 "말하는 떡갈나무"
"The Talking Oak Tree"
May 21, 2016 KBS1
20 20 "생일왕국의 하루"
"Birthday Kingdom Day"
May 28, 2016 KBS1
21 21 "두근두근 풍선"
"Heart-thumping Balloon"
June 4, 2016
22 22 "페로의 꿈"
"Pero's Dream"
June 11, 2016
23 23 "사막의 별 1"
"The Desert Star 1"
June 18, 2016 KBS1
24 24 "사막의 별2"
"The Desert Star 2"
June 25, 2016 KBS1
25 25 "생일왕국의 찬가1"
"Warrior of the Birthday Kingdom 1"
June 9, 2016 KBS1
26 26 "생일왕국의 찬가2"
"Warrior of the Birthday Kingdom 2"
June 17, 2016 KBS1

Season 2

No. # Title Airdate Aired on
1 27 "무지개 유니콘"
"The Rainbow Unicorn"
March 8, 2018 KBS2
2 28 "비밀의 수호천사"
"Secret Guardian Angel"
March 15, 2018 KBS2
3 29 "루파라파와 달리는 핫케이크"
"Lupalapa and the Running Hotcakes"
March 22, 2018 KBS2
4 30 "오르페우스와 버터플라이"
"Orpheus and Butterfly"
March 29, 2018 KBS2
5 31 "달을 갖고 싶어요"
"I Want the Moon"
April 5, 2018 KBS2
6 32 "케이크와 토슈즈"
"Cake and Toss"
April 12, 2018 KBS2
7 33 "생일왕국의 삼총사"
"Three Musketeers of the Birthday Kingdom"
April 19, 2018 KBS2
8 34 "행복한 아이스크림 트럭"
"Happy Ice Cream Truck"
April 26, 2018 KBS2
9 35 "시계토끼 루이"
"Clock Rabbit, Louis"
May 3, 2018 KBS2
10 36 "마법의 향수"
"The Magic Perfume"
May 10, 2018 KBS2
11 37 "장미정원의 테니스 결투"
"Tennis Duel in the Rose Garden"
May 17, 2018 KBS2
12 38 "핼러윈왕국의 휴일"
"Holiday in the Halloween Kingdom"
May 24, 2018 KBS2
13 39 "생일왕국 백과사전"
"Birthday Kingdom Encyclopedia"
May 31, 2018 KBS2



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