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Base Info
Original Name 最響カミズモード!
Translation Name Saikyou Kamizmode!
(The Strongest Kamizmode!)
Original Work Format Trading card game
Adapted Format Anime

Saikyou Kamizmode! (Japanese: 最響カミズモード!) is an arcade game developed by Bandai. It is part of the Data Carddass series. Its concept is "sumo x taiko x music".[1] It was adapted into an anime series by Bandai Namco Pictures.


In this world, God dwells in anything and everything.

The bond of a fighting god, "Gourikishin", and a human, called "Oyakata", who plays music, the battle that started since ancient times was called "Kamizumo".

One day, Dai Mugen, an elementary school student who loves music, meets Goutetsu, a stone god who fell from the sky.

"Become my Oyakata and fight in Kamizumo with me!"

Goutetsu, who was looking for a partner to call master, forcibly approached Dai, in the hopes of winning the Kamizumo Championship.

In front of Dai, who was confused at this happening, a mysterious creature, "Jarikishin" suddenly appears!

"I don't know what this is... but I'll try this 'Kamizumo' thing!"

A "Shin Taiko" appears in front of determined Dai, and engulfed in light, he transforms into an "Oyakata"...




  • Dai Mugen (夢幻 ダイ)

A music-loving elementary school student. Although he was good at playing the drums, he was beaten by Rin in a Junior Musician Contest. This made him quit playing. One day, he was chosen by Goutetsu to be his "oyakata", or master, in the world of Kamizumo.

  • Rin Tanba (丹波 リン) Tambourine

A girl who won at the drum arm of the Junior Musician Contest.

  • Kaisei Kishi (岸 海征)

He was born into a family of "oyakata". He is very well-lectured.

  • Susumu Sonozaki (園崎 ススム)

A little boy who is Dai's classmate. He's a fan of the idol, Luna Ayama.

  • Luna Ayama (亜山 ルナ)

A very popular idol.

  • Retsu Nagai (名凱ながい れつ)

A part-time chef at the restaurant "Mou Mou Ken" (牛牛軒もうもうけん). He is also an "oyakata".


  • Goutetsu (ゴウテツ)

The god of stones, who has a lion-like appearance. Belongs to Dai.

  • Broadron (ブロードロン)

The god of drones, he resembles a ninja. Belongs to Dai.

  • Bassha (バッシャ)

The god of water guns. Belongs to Dai. Looks like an old man in his standard appearance, but turns into a muscular figure when in his Kamizmode.

  • Ryuusho (リュウショー)

The god of pens. Belongs to Rin.

  • Hibaana (ヒバァーナ)

The goddess of fireworks. Belongs to Rin. Can transform into a human.

  • Wrigglegang (リグルガング)

The god of toys. Belongs to Kaisei.

  • Nabekichi (ナベキチ)/Knight of Bayside Kitchen (ナイト オブ ベイサイド キッチン)/Piyo-chan (ピヨちゃん)

The god of pots. Belongs to Susumu.

  • Pure Monsoon (ピュアモンスーン)

The goddess of stuffed animals.

  • Paraparasso (パラパラッソ)

The god of parasols. Belongs to Rin.

  • Picotta (ピコッタ)

The god of mobile games. Belongs to Kaisei.

  • Bullgian (ブルギアン)

The god of tires. Belongs to Retsu.

  • Kawatarou (カワタロウ)

The god of plates and dishes. He has never competed in any Kamizumo matches, and his dream is to be in one someday, fighting alongside an Oyakata of his own.

  • Tenten (テンテン)

The god of fans, and the announcer for Kamizumo matches.

  • Seven wise gods (七賢神しちけんじん)

The "official committee" of Kamizumo.

    • Gabishitto (ガビシット): The god of rulers.
    • Bakoruu (バコルゥ): The god of cardboard boxes.
    • Hirgenerla (ヒルゲネルラ): The goddess of cellophane tape.
    • Hikokaazu (ヒコカーズ): The god of scissors.
    • Ingosso (インゴッソ): The god of seaweed.
    • Shutaizer (シュウタイザー): The goddess of compasses.
    • Giridorun (ギリドルン): The god of staplers.


The Jarikishin (ジャリキシン)

  • Waldark (ワルダーク)

The god of chains.

  • Zangien (ザンギエン)

The god of swords.


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