Shinkai Shōjo

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Romaji: Shinkai Shoujo
English: Deep-Sea Girl
Uploaded on September 1, 2010
2,611,000+ Niconico views and 4,574,000+ YouTube views
Hatsune Miku
Yuuyu-P (music, lyrics)
Haruyo (illustration)
Maque (background, video)
Nicovideo  Youtube 


This song reached 1,000,000 views on niconico December 8, 2012. It tells the story of a timid, troubled girl who is cold to everyone, who one day, falls in love with a boy, but can't express her infatuation towards him. Soon the boy comes up to her and asks her if she's okay, but then she yells at him, asking if she looks like she wants to get along with other people, and to leave her alone. Somewhere along the way, she realizes that the boy is alone too, just like her. She goes up to the boy and tells him that he too has been hiding brilliant colors. The girl is now more outgoing and wants to know more, and it is hinted at the end of the song that she and the boy are now a couple.

This song is featured on the compilation album EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream feat. 初音ミク, V Love 25 -Gloria-, and the Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2014" Official Album.


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悲しみの海に沈んだ私 目を開けるのも億劫
Sunk into a sea of grief, it's a bother to even open my eyes
このままどこまでも堕ちて行き 誰にも見つけられないのかな
And thus I'll be, endlessly falling - but won't anyone find me?

どこへ向かい, 何をすれば? ふと射し込む一筋の光
Where am I headed, what am I to do? Suddenly, a beam of light shone through
手を伸ばせば届きそうだけど 波に拐われて見失った
I stuck out my hand, and seemed to reach, but it was carried out of sight by the waves

あれは一体なんだったのかな あたたかくて眩しかったの
Just what was that, I wondered, so warm and dazzling?
無意識のカウンターイルミネーション 嘘つきは誰?
An unconscious counter-illumination... And who's the liar?

深海少女 まだまだ沈む
The deep-sea girl, sinking ever still,
Shut away beyond the darkness
深海少女 だけど知りたい
The deep-sea girl, she yet wants to know,
Because she's found the one who captivates her heart...

昼も夜も無かったこの場所 なのに眠れない夜は続く
Even in this place with no noons or nights, sleepless nights continue on
自由の羽を大きく広げて 泳ぐあなたは綺麗でした
With your free wings spread wide, you were beautiful as you swam

そしてまた光は降りそそぐ 見とれていたら目が合った
And again the light poured down, and dazzled, we met eyes
気付いてこっちを振り返るあなたに 嘘つきな私…
You who noticed and looked back toward me, and I, the liar...

深海少女 わざわざ沈む
The deep-sea girl, sinking willfully,
Red-cheeked in the midst of darkness
深海少女 ハダカの心を見せる勇気
But the deep-sea girl, who would bare her heart...
The black sea would still not allow her the courage...

こんなに服は汚れてしまった 笑顔も醜くゆがんでいった
My clothes have been dirtied so, my smile been shamefully warped
誰にも合わせる顔なんて無いの もう放っておいてよ!
Do I look like I want to get along with anyone...? Just leave me alone!

I overflowed with feelings I couldn't voice,
And in the next moment, you suddenly vanished

心配性の 彼女は焦る
The uneasy girl, she hurried
The darkness hid him, kept him alone
限界少女 その手を伸ばす
The unfree girl, she put out her hand

"See, you've been hiding brilliant colors, too..."

深海少女 腕を引かれる
The deep-sea girl, pulling by the arm,
Sings a blessing of marine snow
深海少女 もっと知りたい
The deep-sea girl, she wants to know more,
Because she's found the one who captivates her heart...

この海を出て 今飛び立つの
Leave this sea, and now, fly away...