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Tea Tea Cherry
Tea Tea Cherry poster.jpg
Original Name 티티체리
Translation Name Tea Tea Cherry
Region South Korea
Original run December 30, 2021-present
Studio Choirock Contents Company
Music by Seo Ho, Jawan Koo

Tea Tea Cherry is a South Korean animated series created by Choirock Contents Company and broadcast by KBS2 in 2021.


Cherry and Berry appear to be ordinary middle school girls, but when they get to know each other, they have mysterious powers. Cherry, who is overflowing with the power of her love and jealousy, and Berry, who has a heart for her friend, receive an invitation to the fruit dessert cafe 'Tea Tea Cafe' one day.

In the basement of the fairytale-like cafe, there is actually a secret base, where the two learn the secret of the Puzznimal World, which is connected to Earth. When the villain of this world, Ninos, locks up the Puzznimal cat Kukunyang, a catastrophe strikes the Earth. Cherry and Berry transform into Tea Tea Cherry and Tea Tea Berry, respectively, and go to the Puzznimal World. saves Then, they meet a new member, Tea Tea Lemon, and begin their activities to save both the Earth and the Puzznimal World!


The animation has escape rooms as the main focus, with the girls being transported to a different room/world, where they are tasked with solving puzzles in a limited amount of time.


Tea Tea Crew

Cherry (체리) / Tea Tea Cherry (티티체리)
Voiced by Jang Ye-na
Berry (베리) / Tea Tea Berry (티티베리)
Voiced by Yoo Young
Lemon (레몬) / Tea Tea Lemon (티티레몬)
Voiced by Lee Ji-hyeon
Narchon (나르숑)
Voiced by Yoo Young

A Puzznimal and Cherry, Berry and Lemon's companion.

Betamin (배타민) / Vitamin (바이타민)
Voiced by Shim Gyu-hyuk

The manager of the Tea Tea Cafe. He dispatches the Tea Tea Crew in missions to rescue the Puzznimals. He also becomes a phantom thief who secretly helps the Tea Tea Crew.

Chilly (칠리)
Voiced by Hong Jin-wook

The owner of the Tea Tea Cafe.


Ninos (니노스)
Voiced by Lee Ji-hyeon

A wizard.


Kukunyang (쿠쿠냥)
A cat.
Maburi (마부리)
A toucan.
Starphin (스타핀)
A dolphin.
Jollidal (졸리달)
An otter.
Jewelion (쥬얼리온)
A lion cub.
Natoking (나토킹)
A rabbit.
Tokbbaemi (톡빼미)
An owl.

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