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This ACG work has no image available, it needs to be added...
Base Info
Original Name


Just copy the following.

{{ACG work info
|Picture Info=
|Original Name=
|Translation Name=
|Original Work Format=
|Original Work Writer=
|Adapted Format=
|Linked Works=


{{ACG work info
|image=(Cover or theme picture. )
|Picture Info=(Notes of the picture.)
|Original Name=(Original name of the ACG work, such as 涼宮ハルヒシリーズ, 喜羊羊与灰太狼}
|Translation Name=(English translation name of the ACG work, such as ''Haruhi Suzumiya Series'', ''Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf'')
|Original Work Format=(What's the format of the '''original work'''? Anime, comic, game or novel?)
|Original Work Writer=(Writer of the '''original work''')
|Adapted Format=(What's the ACG work '''adapted''' into? Anime, comic, game or novel?)
|Region=(Where does the work come from)
|Linked Works=(Works that linked to this ACG work, use the English translation)

Warning: don't wirte anything to express N/A, don't delete the items please.