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The purpose of this template is to indicate that a span of text belongs to a particular language.


{{lang|language tag|text}}

The language tag should consist of an ISO 639 language code.

The ISO 639 language code is a two- or three-letter abbreviation, in lowercase, of the language's name. Japanese, for example, has the code ja:

  • {{lang|ja|蓬莱山輝夜}}蓬莱山輝夜

Meaning of the template

The same word or character has different fonts in different countries and regions. Expecially in Chinese character culture circle of East Asia for the following example.

General meaning of the character Chinese Simplify (Mainland China) Chinese Traditional (Taiwan) Japanese Korean
shine 耀 耀 耀 耀

Common language code list

  • ATTENTION: Standard ISO 639-3 is incompatible with some fonts, please use it with caution.
Names of languages and their variants Language code
ISO 639-1 ISO 639-3
Chinese zh zho
Simplified Chinese zh-Hans zho-Hans
Traditional Chinese zh-Hant zho-Hant
Chinese (Mainland China) zh-CN zho-CN
Chinese (Taiwan) zh-TW zho-TW
Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK zho-HK
English en eng
Chuang (Zhuang) za zha
Tibetan bo bod
Mongolian mn mon
Uyghur ug uig
Yue Chinese (Cantonese) - yue
Korean ko kor
Japanese ja jpn
Thai th tha
Arabic ar ara
Hindi hi hin
Names of languages and their variants Language code
ISO 639-1 ISO 639-3
Indonesian id ind
Russian ru rus
Spanish es spa
Portuguese pt por
French fr fra
German de deu
Italian it ita
Polish pl pol
Ukrainian uk ukr
Turkish tr tur
Serbian sr srp
Danish da dan
Sanskrit sa san
Siddhaṃ script sa-Sidd san-Sidd
Greek el ell
Ancient Greek (to 1453) - grc
Latin la lat