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はじまれ!新しい「私」――。Maybe Sunday's joy you want to touch but can't touch, but stronger than carrying the memories of the deceased, continue to endure distress. If you turn your attention to idols, Liella!'s journey in Yuigaoka Girls' High School has slowly begun, the bond in the IDOLiSH7 group is also deepening, let this Sunday be more holiday flavour!

In addition to beaches, watermelons, fireworks and summer festivals, there are new summer shows waiting for you to watch in the summer heat! The number of Japanese anime broadcast in the summer of 2021 reached 43, there are also 6 new releases on Sunday, the number is reduced compared to the previous season, but there are still many good works to look forward to. Can't decide which new bangumi to watch? Please read 日本2021年夏季动画 (Chinese)~! You can also help to translate it into English!

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