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This template is used for the introduction of a television series.

The template involves some very complex parameters. If you have better ideas and want to add some new items, it is recommended to ask for help in Help:Discussion_board.


{{Program Infobox
|title         = 
|image        = 
|size     = 
|imgdes     = 
|tabs         = 
|Original Title  = 
|Type         = 
|Form         = 
|Origin       = 
|Producer         = 
|Host       = 
|Broadcaster     = 
|Broadcast Time     = 
|Duration         = 
|Broadcast Days     = 
|Episodes = 
|Opening       = 
|Ending        = 
|Website       = 

|Title Color    = 
|LC Color     = 
|Title Font Color = 
|LC Font Color = 
|Bottom Color     = 
  • [Title Color], [Left Column Color], [Bottom Column Color] are green when not in use. If used but no color is filled in, the default is white; [Title font color] is white by default, and the color is filled in: Help:Color List.
  • Image size: The default is 250px.
  • Picture information: displayed below the picture, the premise is to call [image].
  • [Tabs] is used to mobilize {{Tabs}}. When using {{Tabs}} to display work-related pictures, please do not use [image], [picture information] and [picture size].
    • For the detailed usage of Tabs, please refer to {{Tabs/doc}}.