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This template is used for the introduction of a television series.

The template involves some very complex parameters. If you have better ideas and want to add some new items, it is recommended to ask for help in Help:Discussion_board.


{{Program Infobox
|title         = 
|image        = 
|size     = 
|imgdes     = 
|tabs         = 
|Original Title  = 
|Type         = 
|Form         = 
|Origin       = 
|Producer         = 
|Host       = 
|Broadcaster     = 
|Broadcast Time     = 
|Duration         = 
|Broadcast Days     = 
|Episodes = 
|Opening       = 
|Ending        = 
|Website       = 

|Title Color    = 
|LC Color     = 
|Title Font Color = 
|LC Font Color = 
|Bottom Color     = 
  • [Title Color], [Left Column Color], [Bottom Column Color] are green when not in use. If used but no color is filled in, the default is white; [Title font color] is white by default, and the color is filled in: Help:Color list.
  • Image size: The default is 250px.
  • Picture information: displayed below the picture, the premise is to call [image].
  • [Tabs] is used to mobilize {{Tabs}}. When using {{Tabs}} to display work-related pictures, please do not use [image], [picture information] and [picture size].
    • For the detailed usage of Tabs, please refer to {{Tabs/doc}}.


{{Program Infobox
|title         = Example
|image        = [Image here]
|size     = 
|imgdes     = 
|tabs         = 
|Original Title  = Example
|Type         = Example
|Form         = Example
|Origin       = Example
|Producer         = Example
|Host       = Example
|Broadcaster     = Example
|Broadcast Time     = Example
|Duration         = Example
|Broadcast Days     = Example
|Episodes = Example
|Opening       = Example
|Ending        = Example
|Website       = Example

|Title Color    = 
|LC Color     = 
|Title Font Color = 
|LC Font Color = 
|Bottom Color     = 

Original Title Example
Type Example
Form Example
Origin Example
Producer Example
Broadcaster Example
Broadcast Time Example
Duration Example
Broadcast Days Example
Episodes Example
Host Example
Opening Example
Ending Example
Website Example