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This template may be used in talk pages, primarily Discussion board, to nofity the presense of an archive thread.

Note that there are currently no policy on English Moegirlpedia on when to archive threads and how to keep archives; the passed proposal on Chinese Moegirlpedia is provided here for reference only.

Redirect: {{Archived}}


Full syntax

{{Saved|link=link to archive page#Anchor}}

{{Saved|link=link to archive page<nowiki>|title=title of the thread}}

Essentially, you will provide the entire link to the archive page and the title of the corresponding thread.

for Discussion board

{{Saved|link=Talk:Discussion board/archives/August 2022#Example Thread}}</nowiki>


{{Saved|link=Talk:Discussion board/archives/August 2022|title=Example Thread}}


This thread has been archived. Please refer to the archive page: Talk:Discussion board/archives/August 2022#Example Thread