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Chūn cháo dài yǔ wǎn lái jí, yě dù wú rén zhōu zì héng.

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Welcome! If you have any issue, please go to my talk page.
The main thing is just to go!
— Marek Kamiński, Polish explorer
Art is an explosion!
— 岡本太郎 芸術家
Taro Okamato, artist

About Me
Name GuoPC
Aliases GPC
(Gāo pín cí, high-frequency words)
(Gǔ piào chí, stock pool)
(Gān pǔ chá, Citrus Tea)
Pages Created 258
Contributions 420
Score 283
Blood type No idea.
(Never determined before. qwq)
Zodiac Sign
Birthday March ??
Moe Points Ten'nen Boke
From 🌏
Active In Moegirlpedia
Personal Status Messing around
Bio Yeah~(ノ゚▽゚)ノ
Friends Every editor that loves MGP
Foes Saboteurs

Welcome! This is the personal page of GuoPC, a Moegirlpedia user.

Let's listen to a piece of music:

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Not active Maybe not so active,
please leave your comments at my talk page.
You can also find me on ZhMGP & JaMGP.

Something about MGP

Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user joined in Moegirlpedia on March 7, 2020.
Wiki-1 This user can use Wikitext simply.
Good Editor This user is Good Editor.
Source code editing This user uses source code to edit.

Basic infomation

Politics avoidance This user seldom talks about politics.
Unicode Icon New.png This user is interested in Unicode.


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