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Cabbage, lettuce and spinach!
Gentle green, I'm Seiji!

Seiji (セージ) is a character from Kitchen Sentai Cook R'n. He is played by child actor Soi Nakao.


The eldest of the three siblings. He isn't good at exercising. He scores good results at tests, but he is scared and has a small heart. He always comes up with a good idea. He is good with his hands and good at DIY.

Journey of Long

Journey of Long
Journey of Long.jpg
Original Name 롱롱죽겠지? (Long long jukhaess-ji?)
Translation Name Journey of Long
Region South Korea
Original run September 28, 2019-May 2, 2020
Studio Studio Gale

Journey of Long is a South Korean animated series created by Studio Gale in 2019.


Focusing on the fact that there are not many works that show an oriental dragon as a good protagonist among various animation works in the world, it is fun and moving through 'Long', which never gives up even in various events, with 'Long', an oriental boy dragon with an infinitely positive personality, as the main character. would like to give. In order to provide healthy laughter that can be enjoyed by children as well as the whole family, a slapstick comedy is presented using various animal characters.

[note 1]


Long is a dragon who dreams of becoming the world's best chef. He is accepted into Miss Chow's restaurant, located in New Cook City. As an employee, he lives all sorts of hilarious adventures.


  • Long
  • Miss Chow
  • Strong
  • Letty
  • Melody


No. # Title Airdate Aired on
1 1 "내 이름은 롱"
"My Name is Long"
2 2 "신입사원 롱"
"The New Employee, Long"
3 3 "천하무적 스트롱"
"The Unbeatable Strong"



This template contains the characters, series, music, and related media of the animated series Happy Heroes, created by Huang Weiming.

MEDIUM5 Sisters Daily

MEDIUM5 Sisters Daily
Where's my head?|250px]]
Original Name 五维介质姐妹日常 (Wǔ wéi jièzhì jiě mèi rìcháng)
Translation Name MEDIUM5 Sisters Daily
Region China
Original run October 2, 2019-present
Written by Chief Writer: Feng Ye (枫叶)
Scriptwriters: Ddickky

MEDIUM5 Sisters Daily is a four-panel comic strip created by Quadimension, focusing on the MEDIUM5 characters. The characters are drawn in a chibi style.


The daily life and situations of Stardust and her sisters.


Huh. Where did my head go?
Name Sweety (蕉滴滴, jiāo dī dī)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Moe Points pig, idol

Sweety is a minor character in GG Bond. She is a famous singer in the Fairy World.


First appearing in GG Bond: Agent G (episodes 43 and 44). She acts under the guise of the idol "Super Joy II".


Name Zantafio
Other Names Wiebeling (Dutch)
Ricke (Swedish)
Sammi (Icelandic)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Moe Points arrogance, vengefulness, corruption, immorality
Related Characters
Cousin: Fantasio

Zantafio is the main antagonist of the Belgian comic book series Spirou & Fantasio.


Fantasio's cousin. First introduced in the story Spirou et les héritiers ("Spirou and the Heirs"), where he and Fantasio battled each other to see who would inherit their deceased uncle's fortune.

In Le dictateur et le champignon ("The Dictator and the Mushroom"), he disguises himself as General Zantas, and becomes the governor of Palombia.

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