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Spirou 1993 title card.jpg
Opening title
Original Name Spirou
Translation Name Robbedoes (Dutch)
Region France
Original run December 23, 1993-1995
Episodes 52
Studio Dupuis Audiovisuel
Directed by Michel Gauthier
Pino Van Lamsweerde
Written by Michel Gauthier
Music by Ralph Benatar
Voiced by Thor Bishopric
Teddy Lee Dillon
Sonja Ball
Terence Scammell
Arthur Crosser
Licensed by Mediatoon
State Finished
Linked works Spirou & Fantasio (2006)

Spirou is a French-Canadian animated television series produced by CinéGroupe, based on the Belgian comic book series Spirou & Fantasio published by the company Dupuis.


The series follows the adventures of Spirou, an intrepid young reporter, his partner Fantasio, and their squirrel Spip.

The episodes are mainly adapted from Tome & Janry's albums, but some of them are original stories.

Staff and cast


  • Writers: Michel Gauthier, Pino Van Lamsweerde
  • Music: Une Musique
  • Distribution: Mediatoon, TF1 International

Voice cast

  • Spirou: Thor Bishopric
  • Fantasio: Teddy Lee Dillon
  • Spip: Sonja Ball
  • Jessica/Seccotine: ???
  • Count of Champignac: Terence Scammell
  • Mayor of Champignac: Pierre Lenoir/Aron Tager
  • Duplumier: Arthur Grosser
  • Dupilon: A.J. Henderson
  • Cyanide: ???
  • Louis/Caténaire: A.J. Henderson
  • Vito Cortizone: ???
  • Von Schnabbel: Michael Rudder


Season 1 (1993)

# French title
(English title)
1 "Aventure en Australie"
"Adventure in Australia"
2 Qui arrêtera Cyanure ?
Who Will Stop Cyanide?
While looking for a place to stay, Spirou, Fantasio and Spip come across an abandoned house. There, they meet Cyanide, a robot lady created by a man named Louis. Cyanide, however, starts revealing her true intentions: she wants to enslave humans and let machines rule the world.
3 Le mystère de la bio-bulle
The Mystery of the Bio-Bubble
4 "Virus"
5 "L'Île aux pirates"
6 "Spirou dans la course"
"The Desert Valley Rally"
Spirou and Fantasio partake on a race in the desert against Vito Cortizone, who has invented a new fuel.
7 "L'horloger de la comète"
"The Clockmaker and the Comet"
Aurélien, the Count's nephew, travels back in time from the future.
8 "Un amour de Cyanure"
"Cyanide Revisited"
9 "La Croix d'Isis"
10 "Fossilandia"
11 "La vallée des bannis"
"Valley of the Lost Souls"
12 "Le trésor de Vito"
"Vito's Treasure"
13 "La Forêt perdue"
14 "Le yeti se rébiffe"
15 "Vito la chance"
16 "Capricieuse Pénélope"
"Playful Penelope"
When Victoria, the heir to the Swimmingpool fortune is kidnapped, Spirou and Fantasio have to find her. They are soon surprised when they find out that Victoria is their pet dog. At the same time, Fantasio made modifications to Penelope, but this makes her go haywire...
17 "Les jouets de Cyanure"
"A Toy for Cyanide"
18 "Le prince de Mandarine"
"The Mandarine Prince"
19 "L'Étrange docteur Dean"
20 "La vengeance des statues"
21 "Le Train"
22 "L'Île du joueur fou"
23 "Micmac à Champignac"
"The Case of the Counterfeit Collaborator"
24 "Le bal des élephants"
25 "La forteresse de l'oubli"
"The Fortress of Forgetfulness"
26 "Le mangeur d'ondes"
"The Wave Eater"

Season 2 (1995)

# French title
(English title)
1 "L'or des Champignac"
2 "Le Chevalier au dragon"
3 "Les Disparus de Mesa-Diablo"
4 Tabou à Uhuvéha
5 "Opération trèfle vert"
6 "L'Énigme du Machtou Tachyou"
7 "Le temple fantôme"
8 "Les larmes de l'opossum"
9 "Les orgues de glace"
10 "La 5e main de Pâhtândjâhvel"
11 "Mission Mycomousse"
12 "La biobulle ne répond plus"
13 "Privé de désert"
14 "Vito la déveine"
15 "L'incroyable Burp"
"Noises in the Fog"
16 "Alerte aux étoiles bleues"
17 "Panique chez les Nippons"
18 "L'ambre d'or des Kézacos"
"The Golden Amber of the Kezacos"
19 "Le Monstre du Kanvala-Bobo"
20 "La mémoire des Skamotes"
21 "Sortilège sur Champignac"
22 "Le rayon noir"
23 "Opération saute-moutons"
24 "Cédez à Cidee"
"C.D. Blues"
25 "Série noire pour toiles blanches"
26 "Les évadés d'Al Trépass"
"Escape from Alcatraz"