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This page sorts out the messages of the derivative works of The Three-Body Problem.



The Three-Body Problem comic version by Huanchuang Weilai, serialized in Tencent Animation & Comics in November 2019. It currently maintains weekly updates. [1]

Synopsis: A large number of scientists die for no apparent reason, uncovering an unusual disturbance in the Earth's scientific community. Nanoscientist Wang Miao enters the mysterious MMO "Three-Body" and begins to gradually approach the truth of this world. While attending a player gathering, Wang Miao comes into contact with a secret organization (ETO). The Earth Defense Organization's China Battle Command Center breaks the rules and promotes a suspended police officer, Shi Qiang, to investigate the incident, and the two, in mutual disagreement, begin to face the great changes in the world together…


  • Produced by: Huanchuang Weilai, Tencent Animation & Comics, Ba Guangfen, boodo
  • Author: Huanchuang Weilai
  • Project coordinator: Dai Haoran
  • Editor-in-charge: Peng Sibo
  • Comic Editor: Ge Wendi
  • Comic Script: Cai Jin
  • Lead Writer: Caoji Jiu Ri Dong
  • Assistant: Xiao Xianyu


Official animation The Three-Body Problem


Produced by bilibili and co-produced by The Three-Body Universe and producer YHKT ENTERTAINMENT, it is expected to be released in 2021, with a total of three swordholding, wallbreaking, and wallfacing 18 episodes. [2]

Synopsis: Countless thin lines stretch across the starry sky like a giant brush. The Trisolaran Fleet will arrive in 400 years. Distant butterflies flap their wings and also change the fate of Luo Ji, and behind the door that opens with a bang is the centre of the world - the Wallfacer Project opens. Meanwhile, inside the wall-breaking chamber created by Sophon, the wall-breakers take their places one by one…

Main article: The Three-Body Problem (YHKT ENTERTAINMENT)

Unofficial animation Waterdrop

Unofficial animation Mine Threebody Animation

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