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Entries related to Liu Cixin's fictional works.

If there are any omissions or further additions in the future, feel free to edit.

This template is a collapsed template with parameters, currently there are two parameters: Three-Body (default) and Others

If you want to call the collapsed state of this template, please use {{Liu Cixin|collapsed}}

Including works

  • Novels
    • Supernova Era
    • Ball Lightning
    • The Three-Body Problem
    • The Dark Forest
    • Death’s End
  • Novellas
    • 魔鬼积木
    • The Cretaceous Past(Of Ants and Dinosaurs)
  • Short stories
    • See Template


  • Because The Three-Body Problem uses the setting of Ball Lightning several times, many readers also tend to take the latter as a prequel to The Three-Body Problem, so the two are put together.
  • The Three-Body Problem trilogy的登场角色按初登场作品分组。
  • 关于同人音乐
  • 关于计划

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