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Utaite歌ってみた refers generally to ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ singers who contribute cover works to video sites. It is a nickname for the contributor derived from the title of the cover submission, "歌ってみた" (tried to sing a little).

The term mainly originated from the Japanese video site niconico, where a large number of cover singers, mostly called "歌い手", are active and have gained a large number of fans. Some of them have even debuted as real professional singers.

Famous Utaite in various regions

Utaite in Japan

In addition to Japan, there are also many strong cover artists in China and overseas, active on AcFun, Bilibili, YouTube, etc.

Utaite in Mainland China

Utaite in Taiwan

Overseas Utaite

  • Male: (to be added)
  • Female: Rie