Virgil Tracy (2015)

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Virgil Tracy 2015.jpg
Name Virgil Tracy
Other Names Virge, Tank, Bear
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Character Voicing English: David Menkin
Japanese: Eiji Hanawa
Moe Points strength, aniki
From Tracy Island
Group Affiliation International Rescue
Related Characters
Brothers: Scott, Alan, Gordon, John
Grandmother: Grandma Tracy
Father: Jeff Tracy

Virgil Tracy is a character in the animated series Thunderbirds Are Go.


Like his Thunderbird 2 vehicle, Virgil Tracy is the biggest and strongest of his family. A skilled engineer and mechanic, Virgil’s artistic and musical talents reveal a surprisingly sensitive side. This is probably what makes Virgil the peacemaker of the Tracy brothers, in spite of his ‘tough-guy’ appearance. Patience is not one of Virgil’s virtues, and he rarely waits for orders! Luckily this means he’s often close at hand when needed most. Virgil brings a level head to all International Rescue missions, with an amazing ability to keep calm, even in the most desperate of situations.
— From the official website


In "Unplugged", Virgil took Grandma Tracy to London, when suddenly there was a massive power outage, which was later revealed to be caused by the Luddites.