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== Unofficial virtual spokespeople ==
== Unofficial virtual spokespeople ==
* Tracer - ''Overwatch''<ref>[https://hardcoregamer.com/reviews/review-overwatch/208761/ Hardcore Gamer: Review: ''Overwatch'' (May 26, 2016)]</ref>
* Tracer - from the game ''Overwatch''<ref>[https://hardcoregamer.com/reviews/review-overwatch/208761/ Hardcore Gamer: Review: ''Overwatch'' (May 26, 2016)]</ref>
== Characters used for endorsement ==
== Characters used for endorsement ==

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A virtual spokesperson is a fictional character created to represent or endorse a brand or product. They are often anime characters.


The term "virtual spokesperson" (虚拟代言人, xūnǐ dàiyánrén) originated in Taiwan.[citation needed]The page "Help:Citation needed" does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: Help:来源请求. (zh:Help:来源请求)

Differences with similar terms

Virtual spokesperson and mascot

Virtual spokespeople are considered to be the "evolution" of mascots.

Virtual spokesperson and moe anthropomorphism

In some cases, a virtual spokesperson is the anthropomorphization of the brand/product officially recognized by such a brand, but the spokesperson themself may not appear in it. Also, a moe anthropomorphization is not necessarily the spokesperson for the brand.

Officially-recognized virtual spokespeople

  • Moegirlpe-tan - Official endorser of Moegirlpedia.
  • Dejiko - Official endorser of the Japanese video game store Gamers. Also the main character of the anime Di Gi Charat, where she is represented as an endorser as well.
  • Melon-chan - Official endorser of the Japanese doujin store MelonBooks.
  • Super Sonico - Official endorser of Japanese game company Nitroplus.
  • Bilibili Girls (22 and 33) - Official endorsers of Chinese video site Bilibili.

Unofficial virtual spokespeople

  • Tracer - from the game Overwatch[1]

Characters used for endorsement

Fictional characters who are not virtual spokespeople, but are used to promote other products.

  • The characters from Girls und Panzer are used to promote tourism in Oarai Town, a port town located in Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture. The anime itself is set in Oarai.[2][3]