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X-Venture (Chinese: X探险特工队) is a Malaysian educational action-adventure comic book franchise published by Gempak Starz under their Learn More! imprint. The series started in 2010.


Each story focuses on a group of youngsters (children or teenagers) who travel around the world (and even through time) while discussing facts about the subject of their adventure.

Entries in the series

  • X-Venture: Lost Legends
  • X-Venture: Dinosaur Kingdom
  • X-Venture: Xtreme Xplorations
  • X-Venture: Primal Power
  • X-Venture: The Golden Age of Adventures
  • X-Venture: Dinosaur Kingdom 2
  • X-Venture: Unexplained Files
  • X-Venture: Primal Power 2
  • X-Venture: Exobot Academy
  • X-Venture: Chronicles of the Dragon Trail
  • X-Venture: Terran Defenders


Original series (Lost Legends to Xtreme Xplorations)

Primal Power series

  • Jake
  • Sheri
  • Taz
  • Louis
  • Bean
  • Kwame
  • Dr. Darwin

Unexplained Files series

  • Ash
  • Katie
  • Kuro
  • Madam White

The Golden Age of Adventures series

  • Alex
  • Lulu
  • Jones

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