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Name Xingtong (星瞳)
Birthday October 21
Horoscope ♎Libra
Age 20
Height 168cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Silver
Moe Points ahoge, short hair, tennen boke, gentleness
From Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
This time, I will bring the rhythm!

Xingtong (星瞳) is a character from the QQ Dance series and also its virtual spokesperson, China's first virtual fashion blogger and also a virtual singer. On June 11, 2021, she started her activity as a VTuber in Bilibili.


Xingtong can be described as a multi talent: being a virtual spokesperson, a fashion blogger, Li Ning trend star promotion officer, Levi's virtual spokesperson, make up for ever art fashion makeup ambassador, Changsha's first intangible cultural heritage promotion ambassador, inheritor of popular interpretation of peacock dance, virtual singer, and a Virtual Uploader.



  • On December 1st, she first appeared in Tencent's "Dancing and Moving" series of MMD videos preheating and creating momentum for the mobile game version of QQ Dance[1].


  • On May 26, she was made the second official spokesperson for QQ Dance (the first was William Chan) and performed her song "Shining you" on the QQ Dance 10th Anniversary Gala.[2]


  • On September 27, she collaborated with fashion brand Levi's.[3]
  • On November 18, she released her first digital single, "YO!".
  • On December 22, she participated in the 2020 Sichuan Satellite TV Huakaitian Guoyun New Year's Concert and performed on the same stage with master of Chinese music, Mr. Fang Jinlong. This is the first time Mr. Fang Jinlong has performed together with a virtual character, and Xingtong has also become the first virtual artist to be on the same stage with a master of Chinese music.


  • On June 27, she made a collaboration with sports brand Lining.[4]


  • On October 22, she became a contestant on Jiangsu Satellite TV's virtual idol talent show 2060.


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