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"Yes elegance, no dirt."is a network buzzwords. Often gentleman their mouth too body integrity irony.


Actually,is actually two separate stems, in the dissemination process is gentleman are integrated together to express a complete meaning.

Yes elegance

From "Fate series" COSCO Sakamoto family family motto "Whenever you have to calm, keep it classy" (常に余裕を持って優雅たれ).

not dirty

From Japanese "汚い", said the wretched, filthy and so impure thought or speech without a net, playing games or practices used to describe dirty (eg rub others in racing games where the car overturned or allow others to rush a track, etc.).

Later it was these two stem connected together and make facial expressions, these words began to be widely circulated.

dawn to be elegant, not dirty

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  • When you see the gentleman mourning after their sick deeds: to be elegant, not dirty.
  • As a gentleman forced to boast of when or description gentleman conduct when: gentleman, elegant but not dirty shady {{|}} it.
  • When people use the time to teach sentence, retorted: To dirty, not elegant.
  • Grasp with both hands: to be elegant, but also get pretty dirty.
  • When a gentleman when expressed hope that Chinese and profound: "?! Not be elegant, to pollution," or "Do not you want elegant dirty?!"

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