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Name Zorglub
Zwendel (Dutch)
Zyklotrop (German)
Zero (Norwegian)
Zorbul (Finnish)
Zafir (Swedish)
Zorglúbb (Icelandic)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Moe Points genius, madness
Related Characters
Daughter: Zandra
Nephew: Zorglub Junior

Zorglub is an antagonist in the comic book series Spirou & Fantasio.


First introduced in Z Is For Zorglub. Zorglub is a “mad scientist” who is very ambitious, and plans on creating his own utopia in space. He has an army of "Zorglmen", soldiers or police officers who were hypnotized to do his bidding by a device known as the Zorgwave. He knew the Count of Champignac from university, and were even colleagues there at one point, until he was expelled due to one of his inventions going awry. Even so, he addresses the Count by his first name, Pacôme, when talking to him. Eventually after his expulsion, he uses his only working invention, the Zorgwave, to hypnotize militia and scientists, steal blueprints, which he used to build machines, and even made people evacuate and prevent detection to build his lairs/factories to further his plans. He has managed to perfect this ray to the point it can be transmitted through radio waves and affect many on a big radius. He also has another ray that can paralyze those afflicted to an almost catatonic state.

At the end of the Franquin era, Zorglub became an ally after regaining his consciousness from his mind being turned to that of a baby and it remained this way, all the way to the Yoann & Vehlmann era when he was once again a villain. To this day, he still looks up to the Count and wants his acceptance, but he never fully gets it due to the unorthodox, almost downright evil, ways in which he achieves this. He has a descendant in the future with the same name (Zorglub Junior) and on the spin-off series bearing his name, he has a daughter named Zandra.


Zorglub is a megalomaniac, addressing himself in third person, naming most of his inventions by iterations of his name and some even carrying his initial, Z, on them. He is prone to emotional outbursts, especially when things don’t go his way, with the Count pointing out he is “too hot-headed to be a true scientist”. He has an ambiguous morality, and is even oblivious to it sometimes, relying on theft to get more inventions to advance his needs, exiling people from their places, even enslaving and mind-controlling people against their will to become his minions. He holds high respect to those he deems his equals, as he does for the Count for example. He cares about appearances a lot, always dressing with a suit and making grandiose entrances for him and for his guests. When he became an ally, staying under the Count’s care, he became more bashful, amiable but still addressed himself sometimes in third person.