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A・ZU・NA is a sub-unit under Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.


A・ZU・NA is a sub-unit under Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. The unit consists of three members, Uehara Ayumu, Osaka Shizuku and Yuki Setsuna.

The name A・ZU・NA is the combination of the names of the three members (Ayumu, ShiZUku and SetsuNA). When the three members come together, an "AZUNA"-chan is created.

A・ZU・NA's member can perform in different styles. Their performance could give audience a lot of surprises, just like a toy box.

All three members have strong characteristics. One thing they are in common is that they all have "heroine-like" personality. Ayumu is like a heroine from Shōnen manga. Shizuku is like a heroine from Shōjo manga. Setsuna is like a heroine from action manga.


Dream Land!Dream World!

Dream Land!Dream World! is the unit’s first single, which is released on 12 February, 2020. In the single, a song Dream Land!Dream World! and a C/W song Cheer for you!! is included.

Dream Land!Dream World!