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This page is an active policy of English Moegirlpedia.
It was adopted by the community through {{{type}}}.
All users have the responsibility to follow the policies outlined in this text.
If you see a need to amend or change the policy, please start a discussion thread on the discussion board.
Green Dam Girl says: Do not abuse your power

Friendly reminder

In order to make Moegirlpedia's article standards and guidelines, clear classification structure, make the website resources to be used reasonably, and to preserve the results of your labor, please create, edit articles, and upload pictures in accordance with the format.

Suggestions and guidelines

About articles

Article naming

Writing on articles

About main templates

About the scope of inclusion

About categories

  • Categorizing articles helps ensure that the directory structure of the website is regular and easy to find, avoiding invalid and duplicate links, and ensure the effective use of resources.

About userpages

In principle, a user is allowed to have the following two types of pages:

[User Introduction Page]

  • Refers to the personal introduction page of a specific user (but not limited to the introduction), the page is prefixed with [User:].

[User Discussion Page]

  • Refers to the page for discussing issues with specific users. The page is prefixed with [User talk:].

The above two are different subpages of the same page, [User talk:] is the discussion page of [User:].

In addition, the user page sub-pages and user discussion page sub-pages are not limited in number or scope of use, except that they must not be against the restrictions set by the userpage policy.

[User pages not allowed to be created] Under normal circumstances, there should not be a main namespace page named directly after [user name], unless the user meets the conditions for inclusion of characters in the scope of inclusion.


Moegirlpedia provides a variety of ways for editors to show themselves.

If you need a template similar to {{Characterinfo}} to introduce yourself, please use {{User info}}.