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Here is the basic management policy of Moegirlpedia, written for administrators, patrollers and other Moegirlpedia maintenance staff.

The maintenance group referred to in this article and in the discussion document of each policy and guideline of Moegirlpedia refers to the collective composed of administrators and patrollers, and the maintenance staff refers to administrators and patrollers.

Page management policy

Article scope

The range of articles that can be created under the "(Main) namespace" is limited by the scope of inclusion, see Moegirlpedia:Scope of Inclusion.

Article titles

Page deletion policy

When a page is involved in one of the following situations, the maintainer should delete it. If a regular user finds a page in one of the following situations, they can request it in the discussion board, and the maintainer will confirm it and decide whether to deal with it. The maintainer should note that in such cases, the user's request must be fully examined and the reason for deletion/direct deletion must be specified, and that "user request" is an acceptable reason for deletion only in some cases.

Maintainers should be aware that deletion of a page is a serious task and that some of its results are irreversible (e.g. comments on a deleted page are irreversibly lost even if the page is restored). It is the duty of the maintainer to check whether the corresponding page and its content have the possibility of being improved on/repaired by other means before marking said page for deletion/speedy deletion.

The following pages should be deleted directly
  1. Pages that violate the local laws and regulations of Moegirlpedia.
  2. Pages that violate the content management policy and pose a potential threat to the safety of Moegirlpedia's operations.
  3. Pages that contain a significant amount of content in categories I-II of the "Specific acts of vandalism" section of the Anti-Vandalism Policy.
  4. Pages whose content is mostly or all meaningless text (generally pages included in Chapter 3, Articles 1-7 of the "Specific acts of vandalism" section).
  5. Pages in the "Main" namespace that involve the two cases mentioned in the "not included" section of the Scope of Inclusion.
  6. Pages in the "Main" namespace that infringe on the copyright of others as a whole (only if part of the content infringes on the copyright of others).
  7. Pages disguised as site policies/guidelines in the "Moegirlpedia:" or "Help:" namespaces.
  8. User pages that are no longer used according to the user's application.
  9. User pages belonging to usernames that comply with the "Violations" section of the username policy.
  10. Pages that have been improperly redirected in accordance with the "Deletion policy" section of the redirects policy.
  11. Pages that are no longer used for various reasons.
    • To prevent abuse, the reason for discontinued use should be specified in the reason for deletion/speedy deletion.
The following pages should be reasonably moved or deleted
  1. Incorrectly created pages should be moved to other appropriate pages, and residual redirects should be deleted:
    • Incorrectly named pages (e.g. pages that violate the article naming guidelines).
    • Pages in the wrong namespace (e.g. a user created their sandbox page in the "Main" namespace).
  1. Articles in the "Main:" namespace with minimal or poor quality content (e.g., machine-translated, poorly translated, in a foreign language, no actual content, etc.) may be selected for assistance with improvements, moving the corresponding page to the creator user's subpage, or outright deletion, as appropriate.
    • When a maintainer chooses to move an article to a user subpage, they should leave a message on the corresponding user's discussion page explaining the situation.
  1. Articles in the "Main:" namespace and their associated pages that do not meet the circumstances in the "Direct Deletion" section and are not included in other chapters can be eligible to be moved to the creator's user subpage or be deleted directly.
  2. Pages in the "Moegirlpedia" or "Help:" namespaces that contradict the current policy, guidelines, or majority consensus should be moved to the creator user's sub-page or deleted directly.
The following pages should be merged and deleted
  1. Pages in the "Main:", "Template:", "Module:", "Moegirlpedia:", or "Help:" namespaces that are duplicates or highly similar to existing pages (except for redirects).
The following pages should be rewritten or deleted
  1. If you create a page describing something in Moegirlpedia in the name of an independent site, you should rewrite the content in the page or move all of its content to another site within seven days. If the page is not completed within seven days, the maintenance staff shall delete the corresponding page.

In addition to the aforementioned deletion methods, if the administrator or STAFF determines that a page should be deleted, they may choose to do so in an appropriate manner.

For pages that violate the content management policy or other laws and regulations, the maintenance staff should delete them immediately and report to the supervisor to hide the relevant page history or logs, or have the supervisor delete them directly, as appropriate.

Page content policy

Disambiguation policy

User avatar policy

In Moegirlpedia, any registered user can upload a static image as their avatar in Special:UploadAvatar, and the avatar will be displayed in the user page and comment section through extensions and widgets.

Management policy

Avatars that meet the following conditions shall be immediately deleted and the corresponding user shall be permanently banned by the administrator.

  1. Violations of Content Management Policy or other laws and regulations.
  2. Containing commercial advertising, illegal marketing and promotional content.
  3. Other content that is suspected of being harmful to the physical and mental health of minors as determined by 2 or more administrators or STAFF.

Avatars that meet the following conditions should be deleted by the administrator, warning the corresponding user and requesting a deadline for rectification.

  1. Showing gore, horror, cruelty, etc. that cause physical and mental discomfort or otherwise cause serious discomfort, uneasiness, fear or fright.
  2. Counterfeiting, imitating, fabricating the logos of organizations such as authorities, media, etc.
  3. Infringing the copyright of others and the copyright holder requests to remove it.
  4. Content with QR codes, bar codes, URLs, email addresses, contact information, etc. that may cause damage to others.
  5. Other inappropriate avatars that contain content with undesirable effects as determined by 2 or more administrators or STAFF.

If a user ignores dissuasion after being warned, they should be dealt with in accordance with the Anti-vandalism policy. Other users who find a user avatar that matches the violation can report it to the discussion board.

If a user uploads an avatar that violates this policy in one of the following cases, in accordance with the conditions of the anti-vandalism policy, a ban shall be imposed on them:

  1. Uploading the offending avatar for 3 times in a row within 90 days.
  2. Having been previously banned for adding content that violates the Content management policy.
  3. Having other circumstances that warrant a ban.
Deletion policy

Currently, Moegirlpedia users cannot delete uploaded avatars on their own; however, they can:

  • Upload a new avatar to overwrite the existing one.
  • Go to the discussion board and request an administrator to delete it.

Talk area policy

Comment section policy

User page policy

User banning policy

Username management policy

User rights system

Moegirlpedia user groups are classified into the following four categories:

  1. Official user groups. With certain permissions, they are considered to be the officials of Moegirlpedia. They have two subcategories:
    1. Maintenance staff: Bureaucrats, Administrators, Patrollers. User group ranks and opinion validity decreases in this order. They have high maintenance rights and can participate in changes to user group rights, and are also obliged to participate in the development of site policies/guidelines.
    2. Operations staff: Staff. They are the active staff of Moegirlpedia, and do not have direct additional user rights.
    • Specifically, the user account Moegirlpedia does not count towards the voting base and no activity limit applies.
  1. Honorary user groups: Good editors, designated maintainers, VIPs. These user groups are not considered to be officials of Moegirlpedia, and are only created to honor some users who have made specific contributions to Moegirlpedia.
  2. Functional user groups: Reserved for regular users who have been granted some additional privileges, these are not considered official for Moegirlpedia. They are classified into three subcategories:
    1. Technical: Interface administrators, script editors, Technical editors. These user groups all have the [Allow only administrators and technical editors] privilege, the first two also have some other permissions. These additional permissions allow users with certain abilities and experience to participate in editing more easily (this includes performing operations that can not be done by normal users directly).
    2. Robots: Bots, bot users. These user groups all have the [Be treated as an automated process] privilege, they are used to assist users in performing a large number of tasks.
    3. Others: File maintainers, abuse filter maintainers, manually-confirmed users.
  1. Automatic user groups: Users, autoconfirmed users, extended confirmed users, these are user groups automatically granted by the system.