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This page is an active policy of English Moegirlpedia.
It was adopted by the community through {{{type}}}.
All users have the responsibility to follow the policies outlined in this text.
If you see a need to amend or change the policy, please start a discussion thread on the discussion board.

Patrollers are the official maintainers of Moegirlpedia.

A Patroller's contribution mechanism of Moegirlpedia is as follows:

The text and other content posted by users are displayed as the latest version once they are saved and submitted, without any manual review. This can ensure that the user's contribution to Moegirlpedia is open and transparent.
However, this mechanism can also be abused by vandals, or by good-faith editors who are not familiar with the community consensus who do bad things and make edits that are out of consensus.
At this time, editors who understand the community situation are needed to patrol articles to prevent the vandal's behavior and help the editor edit the page correctly.

Patrolling is a kind of post-censorship, which also includes the self-censorship of Moegirlpedia. The purpose of the inspection is naturally to ensure the quality of the content of Moegirlpedia's articles. Therefore, the work of the Patroller also includes the content that does not meet the requirements of the guidelines.

In addition, the Patroller also participates in more community discussions and discussions that are not so open. They can also award editors the title of good editor according to their own judgment, and responsible for this editor.

Patroller's tasks

Main page: Moegirlpedia:Patroller's tasks

This article introduces the tasks a Patroller performs, which are different from the above paragraph.

Apply to become a patroller

You are welcome to apply to become a patroller: Learn more about Moegirlpedia's poses here♪
To convey the idea that everything can be moe~

(If it is inconsistent with the guidelines, the policy shall prevail)

The application conditions for the Patrollers of Moegirlpedia——

  1. Have been an autoconfirmed user for more than 30 days;
  2. Already read through Moegirlpedia:Maintainer's tasks;
  3. Know and ensure that you can abide by the patroller's tasks, have a basic understanding of the site's policies and guidelines;
  4. Have edited in the main (namespace=0), template (template:) and category (category:) namespaces of #Moegirlpedia and subpages more than 200 times in total;
  5. Master how to use wiki codes/categories/templates and other programs;
  6. You wrote an article yourself, proving that you can use wiki code and can write articles;
  7. Have maintained 10 specific history points in pages, and the editing history proves that you understand how to improve the quality of the page;
  8. Have no violations of Moegirlpedia:Guidelines#User Ban Policy; no edit wars, personal attacks, etc. produced in the last months;
  9. In one month before the application was initiated, the Patroller post was not removed, and the Patroller application was not initiated.

Internship System of Patrollers

  1. After becoming a patroller, you will have an internship period of 15 days. During this period, if the maintenance work is carried out normally and the corresponding standards are met, the user will officially be designated as a Patroller. If the internship period is failed, no second application can be made within 30 days;
  2. Patrollers during the internship period are still regarded as their identity before serving as patrollers in the personnel/proposal voting;
  3. At the end of the internship period, the patrolling will be conducted by the administrator responsible for the initial authorization (if it cannot be carried out in time due to various unexpected circumstances, the administrator can entrust another administrator, or the administrator himself or designate an administrator). The inspection should be as follows:
    1. Actively participate in maintenance work, with no major editing errors. Can be combined with Moegirlpedia:Patroller's tasks for judgment;
    2. No offensive Moegirlpedia:Guidelines#User Ban Policy behavior; no edit wars, personal attacks, etc.;
    3. There is no situation mentioned in Terms of demotion.
  4. If you apply for temporary leave due to personal reasons (rather than facing the community's questioning), and re-apply to the position of Patroller within six months, the authorized administrator can choose to skip the internship procedure.