Bill Rizer

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Bill Rizer Contra Returns Skin 3.jpg
Bill Rizer in Contra Returns
Name Bill Rizer
Hair Color Blond
Moe Points soldier
From Earth
Group Affiliation Contra Soldiers
Related Characters
Lance Bean

Bill Rizer (ビル・ライザー) is a character from the Contra Series created by Konami.


He is one of the "Contra Soldiers", along with Lance Bean.


In the original Contra, he and Lance had to save the Earth from aliens, and the evil organization "Red Falcon".

In Super Contra, he and lance had to defeat Emperor Gava, the leader of the aliens.

In Contra: Shattered Soldier, after witnessing Lance die in battle, he was framed by the Earth Government and sentenced to prison for "killing a fellow soldier". 6 years later, Bill was freed, and later fought the leader of the terrorist organization "Blood Falcon", which was actually Lance. After Lance was defeated, he revealed to Bill that the Contra Project and the Alien War were actually a plot by the government to hide the truth: an ancient alien relic was stolen from a mine in Jupiter, and the aliens were actually sent to recover it, not to attack the humans, as the government declared. Encouraged by Lance, Bill then set on to find the Triumvirate, defeat them, and recover the Relic.

In Neo Contra, a clone of Bill is the main character.