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Bravely You
The Great Compassion Mantra
Cover of the album
Sung by Lia
Lyrics by Jun Maeda
Composed by Jun Maeda

Bravely You / 灼け落ちない翼
《Charlotte Original Soundtrack》

Bravely You」 is the opening theme of the anime Charlotte.


The song with ethereal melody and voice , the Great Compassion Mantra,and the lyrics that were written by the demon Jun Maeda himself, seems to predict the development ofbthe story.


The world will collapse and end[1]
I was told mercilessly
きみはひとり なにを(も)いてた
You were alone - what had you heard?
ぼくとおい ゆめてた
I had a far away dream

なにえらる なにあきらめる
Which will you choose and which will you give up?
めようとしてる ぼく何様なにさま
Who am I to make that decision?
It's already been decided which will be chosen
間違まちがいはないか かみいかける
Are you sure? I ask the gods

ひとりきりじゃなかった ずっとそばにたんだ
I wasn't alone - You've always been by my side
I reach out my hand
There's nothing to be afraid of
たとえ化物ばけものになろうとも げる
Even if we become monsters, we'll make it to the end

あのを 最後さいごにして
When that day came to an end
Had you become strong?
卑怯ひきょうだった ずっと(そっと)ぼく
I was forever a coward
きみはいつも こうずだった
You were always reckless

まえすすむのか ここでやめるのか
Should we move forward? Or will it end here?
めようとしてる ぼく何様なにさま
Who am I to make that decision?
まえすすむのは もうまっている
It's already been decided that we must move on
間違まちがいはないか かみいかける
Are you sure? I ask the gods

ひとりきりじゃなかった それをおもしたとき
I wasn't alone - when I remembered that
I understood
It doesn't matter how much has been taken from me
このしんじたとき 勇気ゆうきれた
When I believed in what was in my own hand, I gained courage

いつからきみが わってしまったのだろう
I wonder how long it's been since the eyes looking at you changed
そのひとみうつすもの なかじりたくなった
I wanted to join in with the things reflected in your eyes
どれだけの困難こんなんが つのかこわくもなる
Does nothing but difficulty await us? I'm even becoming scared
きみからたくされたもの それだけははなさないでいるから
But because the thing you entrusted to me is the one thing I will never let go of...

ぼく何者なにもので なんでそのぼく
Who am I, and why do I
かみにもひとしい やくになってる
Bear this role like I'm a god?
The thought of even moving forward is becoming unbearable
やすみたいのです かみてる
"I want to rest" I spit at the gods

わたししんじたひとは そんなひとだっけと
I heard a voice
Asking me what kind of person the person I believed in was
まるで人事ひとごとのように こえたから
I heard it as if they were speaking about someone else
Or, rather, out of desperation
ひとりきりじゃなかった このにぎるものが
I wasn't all alone
It seems like what I hold in my hand is proof of that
よわさをかなぐりて たとえ化物ばけものになろうとも
I'll cast aside my weakness
And even if I become a monster, I'll come back home


  1. The translation was taken from Charlotte wiki which is CC-BY-SA (the same as English Moegirlpedia).