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Original Name 凸变英雄Photo(before)
DEVIL GAME/净化法则(before)
时光法则(Record name)
Translation Name LINK CLICK
Region China
Original run Season 1:April 30-July 9 2021
Episodes Season 1:11+1 episode
Directed by Li Haoling
Written by Li Haoling
Music by Shirakawa Atsushi
Licensed by BeDream
State The second season production decided

LINK CLICK is an original animation produced by BeDream and produced by STUDIO.LAN!. The story tells the story of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang teaming up to use super powers to enter photos in order to complete the customer’s entrustment. The form is anthology series.


Using superpowers to enter their clientele's photos one by one, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang take their work seriously at "Time Photo Studio", a small photography shop set in the backdrop of a modern metropolis. Each job can be full of danger, but nothing is more important than fulfilling every order, no matter the scale…or peril involved![1]

Main Characters

  • Cheng Xiaoshi: One of the male protagonists, the owner of the Time Photo Studio, has the ability to travel through photos and possess the person taking them. The executor of the [LINK CLICK] project.
  • Lu Guang: One of the male protagonists, white hair, partner of Ching Hsiu, is responsible for directing Ching Hsiu's actions.
  • Qiao Ling: One of the main female characters, Cheng Shi's hairdresser and landlord, is responsible for helping the photo studio to receive commissions.

Production Staff


  • Production: Haoliners Animation League
  • Director: Li Haoling
  • Executive Producer: Zhang Shengyan, Luo Yanyan
  • Producer: Kang Jun, Tang Yun Kang, Chen Qing, Wang Rong
  • Directing Producer: moren
  • Producer: Tian Xuejiao, Zhang Jijun, Huang Siqi, Cang Ge
  • Chief Animation Director: LAN
  • Photography Director:Sanjou Yasuka
  • Music Director:Shirakawa Atsushi
  • Original Character Design: INPLICK
  • Corresponding Character Design: Jin Bowei
  • Animation Character Design: LAN, Si-Meng Huang, Dan Xiong
  • Art Director: Tanji Takumi, Asami Tomoya, Zhu Lipiao
  • Storyboard: Zhang Yuxia, Zhu Linzheng
  • Animation Production:STUDIO.
  • Dubbing: 729 Voice Studio
  • Dubbing Director: Ah Jie, Guo Haoran
  • Dubbing Producer: Jingwen Qu



No. Chinese Title English Title[1] Script Storyboard Director Animation Director Original air date
#01 EMMA Emma Li Haoling Zhang Yuxia
Zhu Linzheng
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
LAN April 30
#02 秘方 Secret Recipe Deng Xiang
Duan Guansong
Zhang Haichuan
Yu Yong
- Zhang Xinxin
#03 只许输,不准赢 To Lose, Not To Win Jun Yu LAN Huang Simeng
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
LAN May 7
#04 告白 Confess Jun Yu
Zhang Yuxia
Zhu Linzheng
Liang Shiting
Wang Jiefeng
Sunrise in the Sun
Zhou Jing
Liang Shiting
May 14th
#05 告别 Farewell Yifengchen LAN Cai Shengan
Huang Simeng
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
LAN May 21st
Extra 比武招亲 Marry by Contesting Chen Shaoyu LAN
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
May 28
#06 寻子 Search of the Child LAN
Liang Shiting
Cai Shengan
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
Liang Shiting
June 4
#07 梅姨 Aunt May Yi Fengchen LAN
Liang Shiting
Ji. Fire Palm
Cai Shengan
Huang Simeng
Lu Guiyun
Ouyang Wenxue
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan< br>LAN
The rising sun
Zhang Zhihao
June 11
#08 错失的讯号 Lost Signal Chen Shaoyu LAN
Liang Shiting
Wang Yuechun
Rising Sun
Xu Xuewen
June 18
#09 善意的恶果 Consequence of Goodwill Yifengchen LAN
Liang Shiting
Yu Yanzu
Zhang Ning
The rising sun
Solitary smoke straight
June 25
#10 圈套 Trap Chen Shaoyu LAN Cai Shengan
Huang Simeng
Lu Guiyun
Ouyang Wenxue
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
Zhao Qingyun
Zhou Zhijie
Zhang Ning
LAN July 2
#11 带着光的人 Pinnacle of Light Yifengchen Cai Shengan
Huang Simeng
Ouyang Wenxue
Wang Jiefeng
Xiong Dan
Zhang Ning
July 9

A famous quote is quoted at the bottom left of the title screen of each episode.

Quotes from each episode
The camera is a fluid way of encountering that other reality. ——Jerry N. Uelsmann
The portrait is your mirror. It's you. ——August Sander
If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough. ——Robert Capa
微风吹动了我的头发,教我如何不想她? ——刘半农The breeze blew my hair, teaching me how not to think of her? -- Liu Bannong
我始终认为生死不算一回事,只是事情没做完,觉得遗憾而已。 ——郎静山I always think that life and death are not the same things, but only that things are not done and I feel sorry. --Lang Jingshan
Not searching for unusual subject matter but marking the commonplace unusual. ——Edward Weston
You have to the nearby for luck. ——Neil Leifer
The photographer must be part of the picture. ——Arnold Newman
A good photograph is like a good hound dog, dumb, but eloquent. ——Eugene Atget
While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph. ——Lewis Hine
The negative is the equivalent of the composers score, and the print the performance. ——Ansel Adams
Whenever there is light, one can photograph. ——Alfred Stieglitz


Opening Theme (OP)

Ending Theme (ED)

  • OverThink[3]
    • Sung by: Fan Ka
    • Composed/Lyrics/Arranged by: Fan Ka

Interlude (IN)

  • It's About You (episode 2)[4]
    • Sung by: yousa
    • Lyrics by: yousa, Composed/Arranged by: Zheng Wei
  • What Time Taught Me (episode 5)[5]
    • Song: Zou Junjian
    • Lyrics: Wang Xiaoqian, Composition: Yang BingYin, Arranger: Xia Yan
  • Keep In Mind(episode 11)[6]
    • Sung by: JAWS
    • Composed/Lyrics by: Michael Yu, Arrange by: JAWS


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