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Basic Information
Number #0052 First appearance Red/Blue
Japanese ニャース English Meowth
Type normal File:Pokemon Type Icon normal SV.png Category Unknown Pokémon
Abilities TBA }
Height Unknown Weight Unknown
Evolutions MeowthPersian
Regional Pokédex * Kanto: 052
  • Johto: 136
  • Alola: 045
  • Galar: 182
Gender ratio 1:1 Egg group None
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It is a naturally clever and cunning Pokémon, it can learn quite a few Dark-type moves, thus its opponent is defeated by its trickery. Alolan Meowth has similar abilities to Meowth in other regions.

When it goes to trash dumps, you can see Meowth and Murkrow fighting over glowing things.

Meowth has a feline-like appearance, and shares similar characteristics with smaller domestic cats. Most Meowth walk on all four paws, yet some will walk on two. It has cream-white fur, and at the end, its tail and hind paws begin to turn brown. Its face is connected to four prominent whiskers, and a shiny gold coin is attached to its forehead. Meowth and Persian are just like any other real life cat, in the event of a crisis, it will immediately extend its sharp claws. Compared to the average Meowth, its body becomes longer after reaching Gigantamax form, the gold coin has extra black stripes, and its eyes have turned beige, the whiskers by the gold coin bend back, and its mouth turns into a slight W-shaped smile. Meowth's fur color in the Alola region is gray, but its ears, the front part of the feet and back part of the tail turn white, the eyes become half-open, the whiskers on its face become half-curved, and often has a sinister smile.

Meowth likes to collect glowing things, when it finds something shiny, its eyes will equally sparkle. It also likes ball-shaped objects, and can spend a lot of time with the ball until it falls asleep. It is a nocturnal Pokémon which usually sleeps during the day, but by the end of the day it's full of energy. Its eyes glow as it wanders through the grounds. It can retract its sharp claws, tiptoeing around quietly.