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Meta Knight
1464637 p0.jpg
Artist: SIN Pixiv ID: 146437
Name Meta Knight (メタナイト)
Debut Kirby's Adventure
Voice Actor Atsushi Kisaichi (anime)
Moe Points knight, mask, sword, gap moe
Related Characters Kirby, King Dedede

Meta Knight is a character in the Kirby video game series created by HAL Laboratory.


An unknown warrior who often has sword duels with Kirby. He is both Kirby's friend and enemy.

Wearing a mask, a cape that can turn into wings, having his sword, Galaxia, and his battleship, the Halberd, he is able to swing his sword at speeds beyond the speed of sound.

He and Kirby look very similar, and he seems to belong to the same species as him. It can be seen when Meta Knight's mask breaks. In almost all Kirby works, where there is a scene with Meta Knight, his mask will be shattered by Kirby.



Kirby's Adventure
When he was defeated by Kirby, his mask was shattered. There is a Secret Mode, obtained after the completion of the general mode (where you only have 3 life points). If another 100% completion is made, the player is able to play as Meta Knight, again with only 3 life points (GBA version only).
Kirby Super Star
In the subgame Revenge of Meta Knight, he tried to take over Dream Land, but failed, and the Halberd was sunk.
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
He entered the Mirror World to protect it, but was defeated by Dark Meta Knight. Dark Meta Knight (?) was defeated by Kirby in Radish Ruins, and his mask broke (the name for the boss of Radish Ruins is presented as a question mark. It indicates that its identity is unknown, but you can see that the Meta Knight who was defeated there and fled has traces of being evil, such as when he didn't leave his sword behind). Later, after Kirby had defeated Dark Meta Knight for the second time, the real Meta Knight gave the Galaxia Sword to Kirby to fight against Dark Mind.
Kirby Squeak Squad
To prevent Dark Zero from being released, he stole the treasure chest where it was sealed, but Kirby thought his strawberry cake was inside. Kirby fought Meta Knight aboard the battleship Halberd and broke his mask.
Kirby Super Star Ultra
The plot is the same as Super Star, but players can play as him in the additional game Meta Knightmare Ultra, where he has to fight Galacta Knight.
Kirby's Epic Yarn
He was turned into yarn and then controlled, but was defeated by Kirby, freeing him.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In the story mode "The Subspace Emissary", before the episode begins, Tabuu led a sneak attack with his Subspace armies. Because King Dedede didn't have anyone to come help him, he was defeated, and when Tabuu took over the Halberd, Meta Knight was forced to abandon the ship and flee.

After that he met up with Marth and Ike outside the castle and started to join the battle. After several rounds, the battleship was finally retaken. In the subsequent battle with the Subspace army commanded by Bowser and Ganondorf, the Halberd, as the flagship, covered the attack of several other fighters' craft and was sunk once more. But in the face of Tabuu, Tabuu launched a big move, the whole group was destroyed. With the help of a few surviving fighters, Meta Knight and others were rescued, and eventually defeated Tabuu after going through the maze.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land
He, along with Kirby and friends, stopped Magolor's ambitions.
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Dark Meta Knight appears in this game as a boss in the extra mode Dededetour!.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
In the story mode "World of Light", all the fighters, except for Kirby, were defeated by Galeem, and turned into stone. After defeating the Meta Knight clone in the Dark World, he will join the team by being rescued and unlocked.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land
When Kirby and friends were sucked into the dimensional portal that took them to the Forgotten Land, he relied on his own strength to get rid of Fecto Forgo's mind control. He explored the Winter Horns alone before arriving at the small Waddle Dee Town. Since then he has been around the town to meet the invaders of the Beast Pack. He also debuts as a boss when he organizes the Meta Knight Cup in the Colosseum.