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Pipilu Rangers
Original Name 皮皮鲁安全特工队
Translation Name Pipilu Rangers
Region China
Original run August 5, 2019-present
Episodes 52 (season 1)
26 (season 2)
26 (season 3)
Studio Sparkle Animation

Pipilu Rangers is a Chinese animated series based on the Pipilu book series by Zheng Yuanjie.


Once defeated by Shuke and Beita on Planet Z, Red Nose and Blue Nose came to Earth to create security hazards. Pipilu and Luxixi are the leaders of the Rangers, together with Yachi, Rock, Shuke and Beita, who help children in danger in the common experiences of fire safety, electricity safety, traffic safety, school bus safety, earthquakes, fraudulent phone calls and other safety hazards often encountered in daily life.


A first-grade elementary school student in Magic Square City, Luxixi's older brother. A boy who is naughty and lively but brave and full of justice, often have strange and bizarre encounters. In the Rangers identity similar to the scouts, mobility, weapons and equipment are mostly restricted type.
Equipment: skateboard (factory configuration), super line launcher, bouncing ball, sticky ball, booster (season 1, episode 27 onwards), insulated ball, cleaning ball, lifeboat, roller running shoes
A first-grade elementary school student in Magic Square City, Pipilu's younger sister. A lovely, kind and enthusiastic girl, often, Pipilu to clean up her mess. Her identity in the Ranger team is that of healing and protection, she can detect the abnormal state of things, can summon a protective shield after it is loaded, and can provide simple healing recovery.
equipment: detector, protective shield (after recharging), first aid kit (after recharging)
Citizen of Magic Square City, similar in age to Pipilu, but not in school, usually is in the secret base, giving operational instructions to the Rangers, and is the head of the operative team. His identity is similar to remote support
Equipment: Drones
Skills: hacking technology, drone-robot arm (after charging)
A citizen of Magic Square City, a tall, warm-hearted and kind-hearted wolf. Usually doing various part-time jobs, he responds to the call of action of the Rangers. He possesses a strong weapon, the Elemental Hammer.
Equipment: Elemental hammer
Skills: power upgrade, elemental hammer big windmill
Shuke, Beita
Pipilu's friends, two magical mice. They have defeater Red Nose and Blue Nose in Planet Z, tracking them to Earth. They are the only two agents in the team who don't have a special uniform. In Episode 27 of Season 1, they decided to find find the mastermind behind Red Nose and Blue Nose, and left the team. They only appear in Season 1
equipment: airplanes, tanks, five-angle flying saucer


  • Original Author: Zheng Yuanjie
  • Producer: Zheng Yazi, Jin Biao
  • Chief Planner: Li Yan
  • Executive Producer: Li Yan
  • Producer: Yingnan Hu, Qi Yu
  • Producer: Yu Kyung Kim, Hee Yeon Lee
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Kui