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This temlplate is used to mark data and lyrics quoted in large sections on the site. For relevent regulations, see zhmoe:萌娘百科:方针#版权问题 and zhmoe:萌娘百科:文字内容著作权信息指引.

{{LDC}} redirects here for ease of use.


{{Lyrics Data Copyright|paragraph=|type=|author=}}

Parameter "paragraph"

When the template is used to specify a section of content instead of the entire page, please set the value of parameter "paragraph" as 1 (Invalid for other values).

For example:

{{Lyrics Data Copyright|paragraph=1}}

{{Lyrics Data Copyright|sect=1}}

The output is:

Parameter "type"

This parameter is used to specify the type of content, and only accepts "data" or "lyrics" as value. If filling in with other values or not filling in will output the default value "data or lyrics".

For example:

{{Lyrics Data Copyright|type=lyrics}}

The output is:

Parameter "author"

This parameter is used to specify the author of content. Links is supported.

For example:

{{Lyrics Data Copyright|author=Moegirlpe-tan}}

The output is:

Parameter "hide icon"

This parameter is to hide the icon at the front. It is recommended to use this parameter when the template is nested in other templates.

{{Lyrics Data Copyright|hide icon=1}}

The output is:

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