AlphaGo Girl

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AlphaGo Girl, drawn by Korean artist CHARA

AlphaGo Girl is the moe anthropomorphization of Google's artificial intelligence, AlphaGo.


AlphaGo (Alpha碁) is an AI developed by Google, through its Google DeepMind subsidiary. As its name implies, AlphaGo was designed to play Go, a traditional board game. It became known worldwide for defeating the professional Go player, Lee Sedol from Korea, with a score of 4:1, in March 2016.

Going viral

Many artists from Asia drew gijinka, or anthropomorphic versions, of AlphaGo and posted them online. Example

Sometimes it is portrayed as an emotionless human-like robot girl (pictured above), some other times as a chubby, bulky man, but on one occasion it was portrayed as an alien-like lifeform.