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Asakura Nemu.jpg
Name Asakura Nemu (朝倉音夢)
Birthday December 28
Horoscope ♑Capricorn
Age 15
Height 155cm
Weight 37kg
Eye Color sea blue
Hair Color brown
CV Agumi Oto
Moe Points sister
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Yoshino Sakura

Asakura Nemu(朝倉音夢)is a character of "Da Capo" produced by CIRCUS.


Nemu was adopted by the Asakuras at a very early age, she was born in the same day as his brother Jun'ichi. The girl is weak and sometimes gets fevers so that her brother examins her body temperature in the morning. Nemu works as the judgement in her school, she is active and good at study, which made her welcomed by the others.

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CG of Nemu



At first, Nemu foung it difficult to live in a completely new family, that's why she chose to leave the house. After had found his sister under the grand cherry tree, Jun'ichi circled Nemu with rings.

Nemu has become more approached to his brother since then, even once when she bought several Japanese biscuits for Jun'ichi and found that the boy was giving his Japanese biscuits produced by his magic power to Sakura, she began to refuse Japanese biscuits.

Severals years passed by, Nemu heard by accident his brother's promise to protect Sakura who was going abroad, she then set all letters by Sakura on fire.


In this scenario, Nemu and his brother became lovers, which made Sakura unreconciled to fail.

Sakura wished that Nemu could have disappeared, that's why Nemu began to cough with cherry patals sneezing out of her mouth. To the surprise of Sakura, Nemu prefered keeping her memories of her brother rather than everything else. Knowing all the reasons, Jun'ichi tried his best to comfort Sakura instead of blaming her. At that moment, Sakura realized what she had done end she finally gave up by scorching the grand cherry tree to save Nemu.

CG of Nemu


Nemu left the island to learn to be a doctor, and came back to the school as a doctor 2 years after.


Unfortunately, Nemu died in this scenario.

True End

It was Nemu that finally got married with Jun'ichi, and they've got the posterities like Asakura Otome, Asakura Yume in D.C.II and Katsuragi Himemo in D.C.III

Game route

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朝仓 音梦
一般选择 【现在就起床吧】
一般选择 【音梦】

一般选择 【时间宝贵不该浪费】
一般选择 【学校】
一般选择 【真麻烦】(注:此选项在clear樱线之后才有,如果打了全CG存档会出现这个选项。)
闹钟设定 「早起」

场景选择 「食堂」
场景选择 「自己家」
闹钟设定 「早起」

场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「自己家」
闹钟设定 「早起」

场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「风见学园」
闹钟设定 「早起」

一般选择 【等等音梦】
场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「自己家」
闹钟设定 「早起」

3月 1日
场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「自己家」
闹钟设定 「早起」

3月 2日
一般选择 【现在就起床,速攻学校】
场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「自己家」

3月 3日
场景选择 「自己家」
场景选择 「商店街」
闹钟设定 「早起」

3月 4日
一般选择 【就这样快点去学校】
场景选择 「食堂」
场景选择 「自己家」
闹钟设定 「早起」

3月 5日
场景选择 「图书室」
场景选择 「商店街」
闹钟设定 「早起」

3月 6日
一般选择 【和音梦她们一起走】
场景选择 「屋顶」
场景选择 「自己家」

一般选择 【果然是开玩笑的】

一般选择 【渴望与音梦合体】

一般选择 【太好了】

一般选择 【真是麻烦】

一般选择 【不去妨碍音梦】
一般选择 【教她新的早上的问候方式】

一般选择 【赞同音梦】

一般选择 【追寻音梦】

一般选择 【喜欢音梦】 ☆选择【喜欢小鸟】『小鸟END』CG回收

一般选择 【学校】





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