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Fanart of Japanese voice actress Suzuko Mimori with some of her characters
Base Info
Term Voice actor/voice actress
Synonyms Seiyuu (声優, せいゆう)
Shengyou (声优, shēng yōu)
CV (short for Character Voice/Voicing), nakanohito

A voice actor, is an actor who uses their voice for performances. They are known in Japan as seiyuu.


The term seiyuu is an abbreviation of omo ni koe dake de shutsuen suru haiyuu "主に声だけで出演する俳優", meaning "actors who appear only in voice".

In addition to seiyuu, in recent years, some people have used Japanese gimmicks for puppet costume actors to call "the person inside, the person in the middle" (Japanese: 中の人 / なかのひと, nakanohito). In Japanese, naka ("中") not only means inside, but also behind (as in 背中/せなか, senaka, "behind"), and seiyuu is also a relatively rare behind-the-scenes actor, so it can also be translated as "the people behind [the work]".

It should be noted that although "seiyuu" and "voice actor" are synonymous, many voice actors in China are very disgusted with being called "seiyuu". Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between the two words on certain occasions and do not abuse them.

Celebrity voice actors

The stars of the film and television entertainment industry are not professional voice actors, but they are often versatile and have an advantage over others in singing and vocalization. Therefore, many stars will also work part-time as voice actors. Hollywood often invites celebrities to dub animation films, and as the mainland frequently introduces foreign animation films, many animations will also adopt the "star dubbing" model when introducing them. Chen Peisi once talked about this phenomenon, bluntly saying that box office considerations are a major factor, and the producer intends to use the celebrity's reputation to attract audiences and increase attention. Jin Shijie said that more is the selection of characteristic voices, "If the audience hears a distinctive voice when watching, they will naturally think of the star, and a sense of 'flesh and flesh' will emerge spontaneously, which can also be brought closer. The distance between the two aspects." And if the celebrity's own voice has a distinctive voice, he can control some of the more special roles. For example, Wang Deshun said that the dubbing director of Big Fish and Begonia was looking for the voice of an old grandfather with "insight" and then selected him.

Some animation works will introduce a large number of stars for dubbing, creating a high-end effect of "all-star dubbing", such as:

  • Century Sonny
  • The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa
  • Howie & Landau: Phoenix Rising
  • World Expo General Mobilization
  • Havoc in Heaven (2012 edition)

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