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Base Info
Term Hobby anime (ホビーアニメ)
Synonyms Kids anime (キッズアニメ)
Type Anime genre
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Hobby anime (ホビーアニメ), or hobiani (ホビアニ) for short, is a type of anime targetet ad children and made to promote children's toys and games (hobbies).[1]


The official name is "Hobby Anime". It is an animation originally made for elementary school to junior high school students to promote sales of toys and games (hobbies) for children.

It seems to be almost synonymous with the so-called "Nichiasa," "Golden Time Anime," and "Kids Anime", in the sense that:

  1. Use only for boys, not for girls
  2. General works for children, including manga only

Although there is a difference in the definition of what Hobiani is, "the series whose comics are serialized in CoroCoro Comic and Saikyo Jump" is a tentative line.

To give a specific example, it is generally interpreted that Gundam is not a hobiani because "the audience is more adult", but Gundam Build Fighters is "serialized in CoroCoro" or "not the mobile suit itself, but "Gunpla is the main item" is often interpreted as a mobile suit. (Although the magazines are different, SD Gundam such as Sangokuden and Gundam Build Divers will also apply to Hobiani)

Also, the number of toys has been increasing in recent years, such as Super Sentai, Kamen Rider series, Ultra series, and Girls x Heroine! Series for girls, but these are tokusatsu, so it's a little different.

In recent years, with the spread of video distribution sites such as YouTube, the number of cases where they are uploaded to the Internet instead of aired on terrestrial broadcasting or BS has increased. There is also "Beyblade Burst Gachi" for works produced as Web animation from the beginning and for those that switched to Web distribution in the middle of the series. This also has the advantage that they can be seen regardless of the area where the viewer lives or (while it is open to the public).