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Everything can be moe is the principle of Moegirlpedia. It's the Immutable "Family instructions" of Moegirlpedia members.

ACG Rules

  • Rule No.0: Respect different people's standards for moe.
  • Rule No.1: Everything on earth can be moe.
  • Rule No.2: If something isn't moe, see Rule No.1.
  • Rule No.3: Content contains the word "moe".
  • Rule No.4: Moe is not given by others, but discovered by oneself.
  • Rule No.5: There is no gender or specific[1] differentiation of moe.
  • Rule No.22: Be inclusive of all genders that can exist in the world.
  • Rule No.34: If it exists, there must be H.
  • Rule No.42: If it exists, it must be moe-able.
  • Rule No.51: If it exists, someone can jerk off to it. (also 4chan Internet Law)
  • Rule No.63: Genderbend: There must be female versions of male characters, and there can be male versions of female characters.
  • Rule No.72: If it exists, there must be CP's.
  • Rule No.81: Phil♂sophy banzai!
  • Rule No.99: Doujin must be censored.
  • Rule No.101: Everything can be sexualized.
  • Rule No.223: Hoorah for x-logy!


  1. adj. relating to or connected with species or a species. --From Oxford American Dictionary.