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Moe point (萌え属性もえぞくせい) is a term used in moe culture to refer to various character traits that increase a character's moe level.

Identification of moe point

According to the standard meaning of the word "moe", moe point refers to the characteristics of a virtual character in an ACGN work that are sexually attractive to people, but due to the expansion of the word "moe", it can also be used to refer to various character characteristics that increase the likability of a character.

A moe point can be a physical feature (such as double ponytail) or a personality trait (such as arrogance), etc. Theoretically, a feature can be used to increase the likability of a character if it is used in an ACGN work. Theoretically, if a characteristic is "moe" in the eyes of some people, it is the "moe point" in the eyes of those people.

The researcher of otaku culture, Kee Higashi, believes that "moe" is a symbolic element. The feeling of "moe" in a character comes from some specific, labeled characteristics of Ta. However, we cannot simply quantify a character as a combination of several moe points, because each character is theoretically unique and distinct from others. A character is a complex whole, and it is not just a single attribute name that can make the moe followers stick to it. However, feeling and summarizing the moe point of a character allows us to identify and understand the reason why the character is moe.

On the one hand, moe is always expressed through various specific characteristics. But on the other hand, due to different aesthetic concepts, the determination of which characteristics can be called "moe point" is not the same for everyone; for the same characteristics of the same character, some people find it moe and others do not. That is, the content of moe is subjective, while the form is objective.

Translation of moe point

Of course, the external and internal moe point of a character is not necessarily fixed, and the moe point of a character will transform as the story progresses, the character's life changes, etc.

In addition, in addition to the moe point of the character itself will change in the work, in the eyes of different people, the moe points of the same character also have different views, and even interpret their own alternative portrayal of the character, to secondary creation, so that the character becomes what they like. This is the reason why a character in the same work will show completely different attributes from the original.

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