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Yamashina kanade.jpg
The kanban musume of a ramen shop, Kanade Yamashina
Base Info
Moe Point Kanban musume (看板娘, かんばんむすめ)
Type Informal job class
Related Moe Points Race queen, bunny girl, elevator girl, mascot

A kanban musume (かんばんむすめ, literally "poster girl") is a moe point in ACG culture.


Kanban (看板), in Japanese, refers to store signs, or billboards made for publicity and advertising. A kanban musume is the sign girl of the store, that is, someone who can increase the popularity of the store and the flow of customers. It could be a waitress, clerk, and so on. In other words, a kanban musume is a "living billboard". The term is also synonymous with yuru-chara.

Characters with this moe point

Only characters set to this occupation/title are listed here. For product endorsement images/representative images of artists, etc. who are commonly called kanban musume, please refer to the article Virtual spokesperson. For other symbolic characters, see Mascot.

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This list only uses classical characters associated with this moe point as examples.
If you wish to add another character with this moe point, please refer to this category: Category:Kanban musume.
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  • Ayame (Naruto) - The girl who works at Ichiraku Ramen Shop.
  • Dejiko (Di Gi Charat) - The kanban musume of the video game store Gamers, located in real life Akihabara, in Japan.
  • Kafuu Chino (Rabbit House), Ujimatsu Chiya (Amausa-an), Kirima Syaro (Fleur du Lapin) (Is the Order a Rabbit?)