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Author: れい亜
Base Info
Moe Point Flower crown
Moe Point Synonyms Wreath, daisy chain
Hanakanmuri (花冠はなかんむり)
Type Accessory-Head
Symbolic Characters Unicorn
Related Moe Points halo, hairpin, star hairpin, moon hairpin, animal hairpin, hair beads

A flower crown is a circular head crown woven from flowers, grass leaves and branches, and is a moe point in ACG subculture.


The trio of Kanae, Amana, and Chiyuki Osaki who made garlands.

A flower crown, or garland, is a crown woven from natural or artificial flowers, grass leaves and branches, usually in a ring shape. This kind of natural head ornament is still often used to decorate festivals or holy days or as a symbol of honor. It is usually a custom formed after ancient events and celebrations.

The figure of the garland has appeared in many historical civilizations. The most famous ones, such as the olive crown and the laurel crown in ancient Greece, all exist as symbols of "divineness", such as the laurel crown worn by the sun god Apollo and the laurel crown that was presented to the winning athletes. The tradition of the olive crown, and the honor and emblem of the victorious soldier handed down to Roman times, is particularly well known today as an honor for athletes at Olympic medal ceremonies. In the later Christian civilization, in addition to the crown of thorns that Jesus wore to symbolize suffering, general garlands were also endowed with positive meanings representing resurrection. As a typical Ukrainian flower crown as a traditional Slavic folk ornament, it reflects a relatively simple decorative meaning. It is generally made of brightly colored flowers to set off the youthful beauty of the girl wearing it. Others, such as the Austronesian natives of Hawaii, will make up a special garland, "Lei", that combines flowers, feathers, and shells as a welcome gift or a blessing to relatives and friends. According to the user's needs, it can be made into a headdress garland or hung in front of the neck.

The wreath as a headgear also appears in the character settings of some ACG works. It is also common for the artist to draw a congratulatory picture on the character's birthday with the character wearing a flower crown.

Characters with this moe point

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Flower crown

Laurel crown