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Base Info
Moe Point Virtual being
Moe Point Synonyms Avatar
Related Moe Points AI, artificial human

A virtual being is a special race based on virtual reality technology or other scientific/supernatural abilities, and one of the moe points in ACG subculture. They have some similarities with AI.


Virtual beings are generally used in virtual reality (VR) games, and are almost similar to real people in terms of appearance and character traits. They will cry, laugh, jump, and even have a high IQ. Unlike AI, which can be "all voice, no image", virtual beings must have a three-dimensional image which is sufficiently realistic. When certain conditions are met, the virtual being can disappear into code or other matter, but it is also possible to restore them if the story allows it. This is the essential difference between virtual beings and robots, artificial humans and clones.

In the manhua Die Now, many virtual beings with distinct personalities and images have appeared. Similarly, there is Hyoka Kazakiri of A Certain Magical Index (based on AIM diffusion fields aggregation), and Megumi Sakura of School-Live! (based on degenerative phenomena), etc.

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