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Base Info
Moe Point Mazoku (魔族)
Type Species
Symbolic Characters Nerine
Related Moe Points demon, yōkai, monster girl, jingai, kamizoku

Mazoku (Japanese: 魔族、まぞく) is a fictional species and a moe point in ACG subculture.


In different works, the concept of Mazoku is set differently. Common concepts refer to:

  • A kind of intelligent race. Mazoku in this sense does not refer to demons or youma. This article mainly refers to such mazoku.
  • For the name of the demon race, see the article Demon.
  • The concept of hodgepodge, and the races such as yōkai/monsters/demons are generally referred to as mazoku or "demon race". For details, please refer to the corresponding articles: yōkai, monster girl, and demon.

However, in some works, the concept of mazoku is sometimes not clearly and strictly expressed (divided).

Characters with this moe point

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This list only uses classical characters associated with this moe point as examples.
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