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Base Info
Moe Point Kuudere (クーデレ)
Type Personality
Symbolic Characters C.C.
Related Moe Points tsundere, sunao cool

Kuudere is a personality type and a moe point in ACG subculture.


A "Kuudere" is a character who usually gives others a cold and unattainable feeling, but once they are close to their favorite person, they will act shy; this kind of moe point is often found in student council presidents and other characters with high status in the works.

It can be interpreted as a layer of ice that normally covers the outside, and a specific object can make this layer of ice melt.

There is a gap between kuudere and the daily indifferent attitude, forming a gap moe effect. It is a branch of tsundere, that is, cold-hearted tsundere, but it is not commonly used in the field of ACG because of its small personality.

  • The basic three characteristics of Kuudere:
They take a cold and disinterested attitude towards people other than certain characters, and becomes shy when dealing with certain characters.
Although they have a favorable impression of a certain character, he treats him with a cold attitude in front of him.
The appearance of the characters gives the audience the impression that they are solid icebergs, and as the plot progresses over time, they become shy.

The origin of kuudere is generally considered to come from the Internet language used by netizens of Futaba Channel, which is the opposite concept to tsundere. During the fermentation process, because the netizens of Futaba Channel advocated the use of sunao cool (素直クール), the two sides had disputes and ambiguities on the Internet, resulting in often confusing usage. . After that, with the development of Internet language, kuudere and sunao cool diverged. Kuudere was used more as a derivative of tsundere, while sunao cool developed into an attribute by itself. [1]

Kuudere vs. Tsundere vs. Rindere vs. Sunao cool

  • Tsundere: Usually gives people a prickly and tough feeling, but will act coquettishly and say shy words in front of certain characters from time to time.
  • Kuudere: Usually gives the impression of an iceberg in terms of face, attitude and demeanor, but will act coquettishly and say shy words in front of certain characters from time to time. The outside is not the same, that is, the so-called cold outside and hot inside.
  • Rindere: The attitude and behavior are full of awe-inspiring and righteousness, and they are more negative towards certain characters, and they rely on their own temperament to attract others.
  • Sunao Cool: From the face, attitude, and behavior, it gives people a feeling of iceberg, and usually they will act frankly according to their own wishes. The feelings are thin, and when in front of a specific character, he still does not show much emotional changes than usual, and the appearance is the same.

Characters with this moe point