Is the Order a Rabbit?

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Base Info
Original Name ご注文はうさぎですか?
Translation Name Is the Order a Rabbit?
Original Work Format Yonkoma manga
Original Work Writer Koi
Adapted Format Radio dramas, TV anime series and video games
Region Japan
Linked Works Kin-iro Mosaic by Hara Yui, Kirara Fantasia, Shiratamako

Is the Order a Rabbit? (Also Go Chuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?) is a yonkoma manga created by Japanese cartoonist Koi and published by Houbunsha from February 2012. It's also made into radio dramas, TV anime series and video games.

It seems to be one of the famous mangas published by Houbunsha.

Original Work Info

"Rabbit, Rabbit......" Kokoa sings innocently as she stumbles upon a cafe called Rabbit House while looking for a boarding House for her high school entrance.

When Kokoa drank coffee, she chatted with the shop assistant Chino , then she found that here was the boarding home she was looking for.

Due to the regulations of Kokoa's high school, she had to work with his host family as a reward for living in the house. Then Kokoa became Chino's "elder sister", became the clerk of Rabbit House, and started her new life.

The girls that Kokoa encounters in the store, including cool and small Chino, Rize with a military bearing, steady Chiya, and Syaro who is with the image of a lady but actually is a civilian.

Fluffy bunnies and cute girls, with funny stories that are 100% cute from every Angle!

— Official Introduction

The manga has been serialized in Manga Time Kirara MAX by Houbunsha from December 2010.


Main Characters

Kafuu Chino (香風かふう 智乃ちのチノ)

CV:Minase Inori

Debuts as a 13-year-old middle school student, and the only child of the Rabbit House. A quiet girl with cold personality, she is independent but not good at getting along with others. She has a profound knowledge of coffee. Her name comes from cappuccino.

Hoto Kokoa (保登ほと 心愛ここあココア)

CV:Sakura Ayase

One of the main characters of this manga. As a high school student, she is 15 years old when she first appears. Now she lives in Rabbit House, where she lives and works in the Wooden town. She likes fluffy things. She regards Chino as a sister. Her name comes from hot cocoa (hot chocolate).

Tedeza Rize (天々座てでざ 理世りぜリゼ)

CV:Taneda Risa

A girl a year older than Kokoa, and a clerk at the Rabbit House. She is usually a powerful character who carries weapons and exudes military temperament, but she also has a girl side at heart. Her name comes from the summer aroma of French smoked and flavored green tea.

Ujimatsu Chiya (宇治松うじまつ 千夜ちや千夜)

CV:Satou Satomi

Kokoa's classmate, and the kanban musume of Japanese dessert shop Amausa-an. She has the appearance and temperament of Yamato Fuko. She is interested in coming up with all kinds of weird names for dishes. Her name comes from Uchi matcha.

Kirima Syaro (桐間きりま 紗路しゃろシャロ)

CV:Uchida Maaya

A girl Kokoa's age, and a working staff in the Fleur du Lapin. She is also Rize's classmate and Chiya's childhood sweetheart. She has the temperament of a noble lady, but she lives a simple life. She is afraid of rabbits and easy to get drunk after drinking some coffee. Her name comes from Kilimanjaro coffee.